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Pesticides can they be safe to drink/

Updated on July 22, 2009

Cola the new pesticide

Pick your poison pepsi coke a cola or the pesticide dejure,much of the world is full of pesticide poisons,and it's not safe as long as it is still around.People should try to help others if they can,don't you think?

At the end of the first video there is an email address you can write to .Donate what ever you can to help these people dispose of these dangerious chemicals to prevent birth defects and sickness due to nerve damage as well as other biological effects such as genetic defects.that can cause cancer and other dibilitating diseases.

in the second video they talk about the amount of pesticides in the water that pepsi and coke a cola is made from.Personally I think the acid in coke would make a good pesticide all by itself.They say that you can clean chrome with it .Who knows it might just be what the doctor ordered to get rid of insect pests from farmers crops.

dangerous pesticides

pepsi or coke a cola

the best pesticide

Which is the best pesticide pepsi or coke a cola ?

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    • profile image

      kemikalije 7 years ago

      Not something new... we drink eat a lot of bad chemicals every day.. I wtached Mythbusters episode in whic they do a lot of crazy thing with cola.. not good to drink.

    • profile image

      KStyle 8 years ago

      Interesting hub, please elaborate more on this very important topic.