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Philippines' Exotic Delicacies

Updated on June 24, 2017

Filipino Exotic Cuisine

Are you an adventure-seeker visiting Philippines for the first time? Or just local Filipino spicing up your boring life? Complete your stay by trying out these unusual exotic dishes in the land of pearl!

Filipinos love to eat (well, who doesn’t) that is why we tend to discover new dishes that we haven’t thought or dreamed of eating. These exotic delicacies are not usually served in every restaurant or carinderia. There are places in the Philippines that you may find some extraordinary dishes. So below are just few examples you may opt to try. Warning! It can make you feel uncomfortable. So, when you are ready, scroll down to see these few exotic Filipino delicacies you will surely love in the end.

Yummy Exotic Food

Betute | Source
Betute or Tugak
Betute or Tugak | Source

1. "Betute" or Stuffed Frog

“Betute” is one of Kapampangan’s pride for exotic dishes. These are deep fried farm frog and its taste is deliciously similar to that of chicken. It is said that children used to catch frogs during the rainy season while their parents were cultivating the land. Betute is a Kapampangan play of word for “butete” which means “tadpole” in local dialect. Some local people of Pampanga call it “tugak” which also means frog. Betute are stuffed with minced or pounded pork, garlic and other spices to make it look like a fat frog and absolutely delicious.

Yummy Balut!
Yummy Balut! | Source

2. Balut


Among all the exotic foods in the Philippines, balut is the most popular and stands above the rest. It is a fertilized duck egg with premature embryo inside of it which makes this food exotic. It’s done by fertilizing the egg first for about 16-18 days and after this, it is boiled in accordance with time.

Balut is a rich source or protein and is said to be aphrodisiac. It has also been used in television shows to dare contestants. For most people who don’t get used to the culture and taste of balut, they found it really disgusting to eat but hey, this is really good to eat. I dare you, you have to try this!

The best way to eat balut is to sip the juice first from the inside. By doing this, make a tiny hole by tapping the tip of the shell until it cracks and slowly drink up the juice inside then slowly take out the shell and eat the yellow egg from it following the embryo. This is best served when warm and with salt and vinegar. Yummy!

Camaru | Source

3. "Camaru"

"Camaru" or simply cricket is another exotic delicacy of Pampanga. It is usually cooked either into adobo recipe or deep fried. Some people freak out at the thought of munching and swallowing insects on a platter. Complete your Philippine adventure by trying these ones!

Tamilok | Source

4. Tamilok

It is one of the famous delicacy in Palawan. The word “tamilok” comes from the two foreign travelers wandering in Palawan. While they were walking around they saw locals munching raw worms from a wood with just vinegar and one of the tourist said “Tommy! Look! Since then, the woodworm was named as “tamilok”. Although woodworm looks similar with a worm, it is actually a mollusk which can be found inside mangrove trees. This is why they taste like an oyster and texture is slimy. Tamilok tastes better than oyster according to locals of Palawan and they love eating it, but for first-timers, the challenge is real seeing a plate of slimy gray-colored worms. They cringe at the thought of swallowing a raw worm that is feathery and very slimy that it will stick to your throat. Just like balut, tamilok is also an aphrodisiac. It is best served with tuba or vodka and deep it in vinegar for a while.

Adobong Uok
Adobong Uok | Source

5. Uok

. “Uok” or Beetle larvae as the picture above shown may seem unappetizing or way too disgusting but the locals in Angono Rizal loved this exotic food cooked in adobo with tomatoes and rice although this worm can be eaten raw. Uok is a coconut rhinoceros beetle larva found in dead coconut logs. This worm can also be found in other places in the Philippines. When eating this, the head must be removed first before consuming the inside of it. Uok has been enjoyed not only by Filipinos but also tourists from around the world. In fact, uok has already been featured in Andrew Zimmern show called “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern”.

Those are just the few exotic dishes in Philippines you may encounter when you visit, feel free to share some extraordinary food you know under the comment section. So now the question goes, do you still have the appetite to accept the challenge?

Would you dare to eat one of these foods if challenged?

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