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Philzgrill's Chicken On The Fly

Updated on March 14, 2011
Papa Jakes BBQ Spice
Papa Jakes BBQ Spice

When Dinner Ain't Happening, Pull This Chicken Recipe Out

Most of us don't plan elaborate dinners during the week and that's where this recipe will come in handy! Pull out the old Papa Jake's rub and you'll have a meal in no time. I don't know about you but meal preparation during the weekday is kept at a minimum. Weekends are different, however, as more time is needed to prepare meals we are hungry for.

If you have a lemon, some extra virgin olive oil, Papa Jakes BBQ Spice Rub and some chicken, your good to go. See recipe below.

Philzgrill's Papa Jake's BBQ Spice Rub with Lemon and Olive Oil

1-2 pounds of boneless chicken breast or boneless chicken thighs

1 lemon

extra virgin olive oil

Papa Jakes BBQ Spice rub

Take the chicken and place in a glass baking pan and rinse thoroughly with water. Take paper towel and pad chicken dry.

Add extra virgin olive oil to chicken and coat well.

Add Papa Jake's rub to chicken and coat thoroughly. Take some tongs and turn chicken over to coat both sides with rub. Use liberal portions of rub on chicken since grilling will lose some of rub as chicken cooks.

Take a lemon and cut into several wedges. Squeeze fresh lemon over the chicken and let stand around 5-10 minutes.

Heat grill to medium high heat and place chicken on grill. Sear both sides and reduce heat (around 5 minutes per side). Reduce heat to low and cook for another 10-15 minutes per side. Within 5 minutes of being done, take several more wedges of lemon and squeeze onto meat on the grill. This will add one more shot of lemon before plating and will give the dish a nice kick of fresh lemon as an overtone to the spicy rub!

Editors note: Restaurant chicken will have a hard time keeping up with this recipe! I think most of the money spent on chicken dishes in restaurants, is money wasted. Once you get the hang of cooking chicken, you won't ever pay $25 for a chicken dish again. If you do find a chicken dish worth the money, don't let me stop you from ordering it! 


The next time you are out of time and the troops are hungry for a meat dish that's tasty and healthy at the same time, serve this one up!  Serve up with some nice white rice and a nice vegetable.  You will not disappoint!

Simple ingredients, profound taste.


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    • philzgrill profile image

      philzgrill 6 years ago

      thank you crystolite. Thanks for your comments and taking time to read the hub.

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      Useful hub that is quite informative and educative.