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Picking Edible Wild Mushrooms, Wild Mushroom Hunting

Updated on April 27, 2020

Picking Edible Wild Mushrooms, Wild Mushroom Hunting

Picking Edible Wild Mushrooms, Wild Mushroom Hunting POISONOUS  fly agaric,, Do Not Eat
Picking Edible Wild Mushrooms, Wild Mushroom Hunting POISONOUS fly agaric,, Do Not Eat | Source

Picking Edible Wild Mushrooms, Wild Mushroom Hunting

If you have always fancied picking wild mushrooms but were never to sure where to pick them, or what types of wild mushroom are safe, I was the same. I'm now confident in what I pick, well we sell them in the restaurant and nobody has popped their clogs yet. Edible wild mushrooms have so much more flavour, and different textures. I started off by learning to identify a few at a time, maybe three edible ones at first, and I also learnt from the start the really bad ones to stay away from, and I love it now being out in the countryside and picking free food! I still get excited when I find good edible mushrooms and fungi. You will know what I mean when you start.

Identification Of Edible Wild Mushrooms, Wild Mushroom Hunting Books

When hunting for edible wild mushrooms it is important to be able to identify which ones are safe to eat and which ones are poisonous if you eat a mushroom which is poisonous at best you may get very sick and even worse you could end up dead this guide will help you identify which ones are safe and edible for picking also which ones to avoid I have been picking wild mushrooms for many years and these are the books which I have found to be the most helpful

As the saying goes - 'if in doubt, leave it out.'
If your not sure then leave it, "Don`t eat it"

Wild Mushroom Book For UK,

I would say Roger Phillips wild mushroom books are the best, defiantly for the uk. I noticed that on amazon that. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall the author of the river cottage cook book and restaurant, TV Chef has said Roger Phillips writes the best wild mushroom book he knows. He also has written two great wild food books that covers all plants that are edible. Wild food foraging with great recipes too. He also covers how to preserve the mushrooms. The pictures in the book are really great and he tells you and shows you what mushrooms look like at different stages of there life, Because when they are young before some have opened up they look like other types. He also covers the habitats of the different types of mushroom, also the season / time of year.

Edible Wild Mushrooms Types of wild mushroom - Peter jordan This covers some of the first things I learnt and some of the mushrooms I first picked

Edible Wild Mushrooms North America

A couple of books that cover more of mushrooms in north america

The mushrooms that are found vary from place to place a little, depending on where you are in the world. You will still find some of the same ones like the Chanterelle and Cep varieties, but the edible wild mushrooms of North America will have some seasonal variety and even different types of wild mushroom to the edible wild mushrooms of Europe. I have looked out a couple of books that I would think of getting if I lived over in the USA,

Edible Wild Mushrooms

Would you give edible wild mushroom hunting a go?

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Here Are a Few Things You Might Need While Edible Wild Mushroom hunting

Mushroom baskets are better than bags as they have holes in them which allow the mushroom spores {seeds if you like} to drop through onto the ground as you walk, spread and hopefully grow in to nice edible mushrooms for next year. And wild mushroom knives are good because it is better to cut your mushrooms than to pick them, as it does not damage the mycelium, {roots}. Also the mushroom knife has a brush on it to clean the muck off.

Picking Edible Wild Mushrooms, Wild Mushroom Hunting

Picking Edible Wild chanterell Mushrooms, Wild Mushroom Hunting
Picking Edible Wild chanterell Mushrooms, Wild Mushroom Hunting | Source

No Knife, No Worries

An old man told me, if i did not have a knife with me, to gently knock the mushroom over as if a wild animal had kicked it, it is a more natural way to pick them, and does not disturb then mycelium so much. I don't No how True it is but I like it.

© 2013 Charlie Cheesman


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    • alexadry profile image

      Adrienne Farricelli 

      5 years ago

      Mushroom hunting sounds so fun! When I lived in Italy, some of my neighbors would go in the woods and come back with baskets of porcini mushrooms. But the area where they found them was always a big secret!

    • charlie cheesman profile imageAUTHOR

      Charlie Cheesman 

      6 years ago from England

      Thanks writer fox. Yeah there are some great tasting mushrooms out there if you know what your picking.

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 

      6 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      It's wonderful to live near the woods where you can find wild mushrooms. (So long as you don't eat the poisonous ones!) Great article and I voted up!

    • Elias Zanetti profile image

      Elias Zanetti 

      6 years ago from Athens, Greece

      Great hub, Charlie. I love mushrooms but hunting and picking wild ones requires a lot of knowledge and eperience. Certainly I learned a few more things reading your article.

    • RedSirenJulie profile image

      Julie Ritchie 

      6 years ago from East Sussex, UK

      Wow! What an amazing hub! Thank you.

      I love the pics too.

      Have voted up - useful, awesome, interesting and beautiful.


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