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Picking the Best Coffee as a Gift

Updated on May 9, 2011

Giving the Best Coffee Isn't Difficult

Want to give someone you know a gift of coffee? Americans love coffee. We drink buckets of it, and invented decaf so we could keep drinking it even after the need for a rush of caffeine energy was a hindrance to a good night's sleep. Giving coffee as a gift is the perfect way to give someone who has everything something they truly want. Coffee is a consumable, and good coffee won't last long on the cupboard shelf! If there's anyone in your family who likes coffee, finding the right gourmet coffee can be daunting, but don't worry! It's actually very easy to find the right coffee for your loved one!

For the Person who Drinks the Cheapest, Weakest Coffee!

Does your friend or family member like their coffee to have the consistency of brown water, with all the flavor of a muddy tap? Do they buy their coffee by the tub, and only care that it is the cheapest brown water they can drink? This person will probably shun strong brands, like Starbucks, but embrace Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Dunkin' Donuts is a blue-collar coffee blend, perfect for donuts and bagels in the morning. It's packaging is not at all hoity-toity, and the flavor is a nice, mild blend of beans that maximize good flavor, without achieving that flavor with strength. It makes the perfect coffee gift for the grumpy Starbucks hater in your life!

For Someone Who Loves Starbucks!

Everyone has the person in their life who is almost unrecognizable without the venti cup in their hand, with the familiar siren smiling enigmatically through their white-knuckle kung-fu grip! Starbucks has developed a loyal customer-base by offering strong coffee, served fresh. The explosion of Starbucks across America seemed to do more for the quality of coffee in America than anything else since the first diner brewed their first pot. When Starbucks exploded, even discount operations like McDonald's had to do something to make their coffee better just to keep up to the new standard in caffeine delivery.

When someone is already familiar with Starbucks coffee, you know they're going to love a gift of it to add to their home stash. Starbucks has started a program of "premium" blends, with the best of the best of their already impressive beans. A great gift would be one of these premium bags of beans, that revolve with the seasons!

Nothing says love to someone who loves Starbucks like more Starbucks!

For the Coffee Snob!

Does your friend or family member love gourmet coffee, but they look at Starbucks as a pedestrian affair, for the lesser plebes? Do they keep Starbucks coffee around in case they want to slum? For the discriminating coffee consumer, you are going to have to step up your game.

Safe bets come from two of the most popular places to go on a tropical vacation, and two of the best places to grow delicious, shade-grown beans: Jamaica and Hawaii!

For a discriminating consumer, Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaiian Kona Coffee are always a delicious treat. Both styles come out smooth, rich, and velvety, like rolling the essence of coffee around the tongue over cinnamon rolls or eggs benedict. Both coffee beans are readily available on-line and in gourmet shops. Your coffee snob will be impressed that you brought them one of the premiere beans in the world.

Remember, always buy whole beans! Coffee snobs would never let coffee grounds sit out overnight to lose their perfect flavor! 

Is There A Fresh Coffee Roaster in Town?

If you live near a coffee shop that roasts its own beans, ignore what I said above. Fresh roasted beans, of any variety, will be head-and-shoulders better than anything that was roasted weeks ago and kept in a vacuum-sealed bag. No matter who you are gifting coffee to, the fresh-roasted beans will smell and taste like everything a Folger's commercial tried to sell you before Starbucks came along and raised the coffee bar across the country.

Ask around among independent coffee shops. If you live in a major urban center, there is likely to be a shop that roasts its beans fresh.

Buy them right before you give them away! You don't want these precious, dark nuggets of delicious sitting under a Christmas tree for three weeks! You want to get to them right away, and freeze what you don't drink! Freezing the beans will help preserve the natural oils from the roasting.


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    • nooyawka212 profile image

      nooyawka212 6 years ago from Noo Yawk

      Freezing?????? I believe in freezing coffee beans and do it automatically all the time. But I read somewhere recently that freezing coffee beans is not so good for those darlings. Does anyone have real research into this important question?