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Pineapple Deer (Venison) Roast

Updated on March 17, 2011
Has nothing to do with Deer. But it grabbed you didn't it!!
Has nothing to do with Deer. But it grabbed you didn't it!!

Pineapple Deer Roast (Crock Pot)

This is another recipe I came up with while experimenting in the kitchen. It tastes great! Hopefully all of you will think so too! I imagine it would taste just as good with a beef roast, minus sitting in salt water. Some day I will have to try that out and let all of you know, unless there is someone brave enough to try that! :D

Deer Roast (med)
Half chopped medium onion
3 tbsp teriyaki
1 pack onion soup mix
2 cloves diced garlic
½ can sliced mushrooms
½ can (1/2 of 540 ml can) diced pineapples
Pepper medley
1 ½ cup water

Rinse Deer roast and put in really salted water for about 5 hours minimum (A day preferably, especially if you are using a large roast). Rinse deer roast off. The salt water helps pull the blood and game out of the meat, so the longer it sits in the fridge in salt water the less game taste it will have. I use quite a large amount of kosher salt. ;) Lay the roast in the crock pot. Lay chopped onion and garlic on top. Sprinkle package of onion soup mix on top. Lay mushrooms and pineapple on top. Pour teriyaki on top of everything, then the water. Finally, sprinkle pepper over everything and set to cook for 6 hours minimum. The longer the more tender and tasty.
Tastes great with rice, especially the sauce.


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