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Pizza Capers Gluten FRIENDLY (NOT gluten free) Pizzas?! [What a JOKE!]

Updated on August 25, 2011

Pizza Capers - Gluten FRIENDLY? - NOT 'Gluten Free'?

Well, I must admit that Pizza Capers was not the last business to jump on the bandwagon and offer pizzas for coeliac disease customers to dangerously indulge on. They were one of the first! And in case you don't know, they do NOT advertise their pizzas as 'Gluten Free' but, rather, as <b>GLUTEN FRIENDLY</b>. This looks fair, particularly if one has not yet read their disclaimer.


I have been in one of their stores in the past and must admit I feel that far too many crumbs are falling off their Capers for my liking. And to be promoting the product as gluten friendly is misleading to Coeliac customers who MUST COMPLETELY avoid gluten!

How do you think these Coeliac Consumers feel? When they are being exploited to the public, as being well catered to. Coeliacs can't afford to risk any trace of gluten, whether it be a small crumb of wheat or a whole regular gluten-containing pizza! Who do these guys working behind the capers think they are, if they can't even guarantee that their other crumbs won't fall off their capers.

It is not good enough, pizza capers and I urge every coeliac to refrain from falling for a pizza from them. These guys clearly can't be trusted!

Coeliac Disease Facts and Truths

Coeliac Disease is an auto-immune disease. It is a serious condition that requires lifelong avoidance of gluten. Any little bit of gluten ingested by a patient with Coeliac Disease will experience the flattening and inflamation of their villi in their small intestines causing them to be unable to absorb nutrients from their food. They will also damage their gut which will take 21 days to heal! 21 DAYS! All from a 'GLUTEN FRIENDLY' *snort* pizza that should be safe for Coeliacs. NO GLUTEN IS THE ONLY OPTION FOR PEOPLE WITH COELIAC DISEASE AND MOST INDIVIDUALS WHO NEED TO AVOID IT NEED TO FOR THAT REASON (i.e. THEY HAVE COELIAC DISEASE)!

Just because one doesn't experience discomfort, it doesn't mean that they aren't damaging themselves in the long term. We are supposed to look after ourselves in this life.

Stop with this advertising and stop using the word 'gluten' (in terms of one of your products being suitable for coeliacs) unless you are confident that the product is 100% gluten free.

Gluten intolerant (non-coeliac) customers can ask the staff if they're keen enough!

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Edited to add (09/03/2011):

I am now more aware of the "GLUTEN FRIENDLY" term. There is absolutely NO SUCH THING as 'gluten friendly'. It is therefore an ILLEGAL label in Australia.

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    • infonolan profile image

      infonolan 7 years ago from Australia

      Great Idea Marco! I will certainly do that, though I don't think the coeliac society will do very much knowing them. perhaps they'll just ask me for the store, etc. etc.

    • profile image

      Marco Spanos 7 years ago

      Why dont you contact the Coeliac Association and ask them to write to Pizza Capers so they can remove the gluten friendly term from their advertising? theres no point us coeliacs complaining unless we do something about it.