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Pizza For All New Yorkers (And Visitors)!

Updated on March 1, 2016

Besides the culture and opportunities that makes Manhattan famous, the island is also known for their food. Origin of phrases such as "New York Pizza is the best pizza", one of the most exciting and irritating parts of a New York City trip to figuring out where to eat. Make sure to have cash on hand for these pizza places, it'll be worth the hassle! So, for those that want to experience food like a local, here are the 3 best places to get a slice when in New York.

Artichoke Basille's Pizza (E 14th Street, NYC)

When in search for a good pizza place, you can't go wrong with Artichoke Basille's Pizza- or as the locals call it, "Artichoke Pizza". Founded recently in 2008, it is highly recommended to go to the original store located on 14th street. The brick oven pizza shop is a great icon for the best Italian Pizza on the Manhattan Island, gaining recognition in New York Times along with a large amount of food blogs. Their secret is the artichoke infused recipe that makes all locals' mouths water. And the best part? They're super inexpensive, with their going rate for a slice being $4.50.

Lombardi's (Spring Street, NYC)

Lombardi's prides itself in being the "first place for authentic pizza", and they're not wrong, with their first shop opening in the year 1905. Stationed in Little Italy, this Pizza Shop has made a name for itself in the Big Apple. Being the first pizza shop in New York City, the store brings a sense of old Italian charm to it's customers as soon are you walk through the door. The best on the menu? Word on the block is the pepperoni and black olive pie which goes for $22.00. This pizzeria even has a home for Cake Boss lovers, with their own specialized pie named after the Cake Boss star!

Rubirosa Pizzeria (Mulberry Street, NYC)

Love thin crust pizza? Rubirosa Pizzeria is the perfect restaurant for thin crust lovers, with their handmade pizza being centered around having just that. Opened in 1960, this local loving pizzeria is located just at the heart of Downtown Manhattan. Rubirosa's famous pizza has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, and even Time Out New York! With a quaint bar/restaurant setting, Rubirosa doesn't only have their well known pizza to offer its customers. Everything within this restaurant, from the pizza to the pasta, is handmade. Rubirosa is all about creating a family setting and catering to native New Yorkers. Knowing night life is a big occasion when living in the City, the vintage pizzeria opens it's doors until exactly 12 a.m., perfect to serve those late night food cravings. Rubirosa's prices start at $18 a pie, making it a great area to grab lunch with a friend without trying to empty your pockets.

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© 2016 Tatiana Ho


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