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HOW TO MAKE PIZZA BAGELS : Budget Pizza Bagels Recipe

Updated on November 4, 2020
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Being Frugal | HOW TO MAKE PIZZA BAGELS - Delicious pizza bagel recipe



Pizza bagels are remarkably tasty and indulgent, especially when the pizza bagels are made with a tasty tomato sauce and when the pizza bagels are made with tasty 100% real cheese. Pizza bagels are also very budget friendly.

  • Pizza bagels are a very inexpensive food to eat in addition to being an enjoyable treat. Would you like to know how to make pizza bagels very easily?
  • This hub has an easy recipe for delicious pizza bagels.
  • Sometimes we are short on time and looking for really easy and simple recipes such as this easy budget pizza bagels recipe. This pizza bagels recipe offers a way to have a hot and delicious meal at a low cost.
  • This easy pizza bagels recipe yields generous servings of pizza bagels that cook up fast in the oven.
  • In this economy, we have all entered survival mode and are trying to hold on to the money we have. Pizza bagels are a good cheap eating idea.
  • Gas prices are increasing. The costs of food in supermarkets are increasing. This includes the simple staples such as rice. When you are trying to plan a meal that does not cost much to prepare, this pizza bagels recipe could be helpful.

Pizza with its Italian origins has definitely been adopted as an All-American food. It is also one of the cheaper foods you can find.

Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Dominoes are just some of the pizzeria chains that are often running specials as low as $10 or lower for a large pizza pie.

The cost of an already made pizza is usually quite good but after the cost of tax, delivery and tip, many of us are still left complaining about the price of the pizza.

Supermarket pizza such as DiGiorno are able to capitalize on this in their marketing with "it's not delivery, it's DiGiorno." One of the things they pride themselves on is offering the pizzeria taste at a great price without the cost of delivery.

If you want to take saving money on pizza even further or if you simply enjoy cooking and are looking for a minimalist cooking project that takes hardly any time at all, then this pizza bagels recipe is the one for you.

Pizza bagels - Saving money on food and saving time on cooking

I must honestly say, the finished product of pizza bagels here is so delicious but you are not doing any of the homemade pizza work. You do not need to prepare pizza dough from scratch. Although, when I make traditional homemade pizza, I do not prepare it from scratch. I have found a great already prepared pizza dough at Trader Joe's if you would like to go that route but I digress.

For this pizza bagels recipe, you will need fresh plain bagels, tomato paste, sliced cheddar cheese (or mozzarella cheese), pepperoni slices, and a few spices/seasonings especially garlic powder, black pepper and optionally just a dash of salt.

For this pizza bagels recipe, specifically, you can purchase very fresh plain bagels that you have already tried before and you know them to be tasty. You can usually find such bagels in the fresh bakery section of your supermarket.I have purchased them at Food Lion for $2.99. The $2.99 bag contains 4 bagels.

1. Slice each bagel in half. Two bagels can serve two people. Prepare a larger quantity as needed.

2. Open a can of all natural tomato paste. Add just a sprinkle of salt, black pepper and garlic powder to it. Stir and spread onto the open bagels with a butter knife.

3. Next take generous pieces of sliced all natural medium cheddar cheese and layer on top of the bagel with tomato paste. Seven pieces of cheese (each about the size of a quarter) should be sufficient for each bagel half.

4. For these pizza bagels, on top of the cheese, layer four or five slices of supermarket bought pepperoni which can typically be found in the aisle with other packaged meats such as turkey and ham cold cuts or hotdogs.

Bake the pizza bagels

5. Bake the pizza bagels in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for just 12-15 minutes. After the pizza bagels are prepared, you can optionally sprinkle them additionally with:

  • garlic powder,
  • oregano,
  • red pepper flakes
  • and/or parmesan cheese

as many people would with pizza from the pizzeria.

Enjoy the pizza bagels!

Bake the pizza bagels in a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes.

The pizza bagel fresh out of the oven

pepperoni and cheese pizza bagel, hot, cheesy and tasty
pepperoni and cheese pizza bagel, hot, cheesy and tasty | Source

These delicious pizza bagels include pepperoni and cheddar cheese.

Preparing pizza bagels

Generous amounts of cheese on the pizza bagels melt in the oven and make the pizza bagels so very delicious.
Generous amounts of cheese on the pizza bagels melt in the oven and make the pizza bagels so very delicious. | Source

Pizza bagels with pepperoni

Pizza bagels with pepperoni, prepared to go into the oven
Pizza bagels with pepperoni, prepared to go into the oven | Source

1. "Giant Pizza Bagels Are The Ultimate Combination"

2. "Pizza Bagels: The Most New York Food Ever?|| Really Dough?"

© 2011 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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