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Rockdale, Texas

Updated on July 12, 2013
Welcome to Rockdale, Texas
Welcome to Rockdale, Texas | Source

Blink and You'll Miss It

With a population of a little over 5000, Rockdale, Texas is a small town about an hour northeast of Austin and an hour in any direction from any other city.

Once a booming small town, thanks in large part to the Alcoa plant, you'll drive through this little place without ever realizing you were there. On the off chance you stop through though, check out some of these local eateries.

This is a complete list of restaurants in Rockdale as well as places to stay and things to do (the list is super short).

Texas Fajita is open Friday and Saturday
Texas Fajita is open Friday and Saturday | Source
The Ranch
The Ranch | Source

Restaurants in Rockdale

Keep in mind that HWY 79 turns into Cameron Ave as it's only one long road through the middle of this small town. The zip code for the entire town is 76567 in case you actually need GPS while in town (but you won't). All phone numbers have been included just in case you want to call in a pick up order.

Taquiera Bandas is located at 480 US HWY 79 (512) 446-7906

The Ranch is located at 415 US HWY 79 (512) 446-7005

The Piano Bar is located at 1700 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-6221

Julio's Mexican Restaurant is located at 1533 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-0276

Mr. Gattis is located at 1510 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-2538

Texas Fajita is located at 1400 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-7374 (Only opened Friday, Saturdays and Sundays)

Chicken Express is located 1301 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-5900

Pizza Hut is located at 1212 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-6131

Kountry Inn Restaurant is located at 1200 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-2575

Cocina Restaurant is located at 1012 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-5414

Dairy Queen is located at 905 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-5950

The Donut Palace is located at 907 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-6083

China Buffet is located at 714 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-7888

Lee's Landing is located at 313 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-6177

Texas Burger and Subway share a building that can be found at 237 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-3489

La Fiesta Italian Restaurant is located at 379 N US Hwy 77 (512) 446-2001

The Barn located at FM 908 (512) 446-2673

McDonalds is located at 1521 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-4220

Sonic is located at 1204 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-5826

New Oriental Kitchen is located at 1514 W Cameron Ave (512) 446-2843

You'll find patches and patches of Bluebonnets throughout Rockdale.
You'll find patches and patches of Bluebonnets throughout Rockdale. | Source

Places to Stay in Rockdale, Texas

Apache Pass

Best Western

Regency Hotel

Days Inn

Kountry Inn

Rainbow Courts

Rockdale RV Park

Clarion Hotel

Things to Do in Rockdale

Apache Pass

Rockdale Country Club

Cliffs Bar

The Ranch

KC Hall

The Barn

Kay Theater in Rockdale, TX
Kay Theater in Rockdale, TX | Source

The Kay Theater

First opened in 1947, The Kay Theater is a historical landmark in Rockdale, Texas.

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RHS: Home of the Tigers

Rockdale Elementary

625 W. Belton

Rockdale, TX 76567

(512) 430-6030

Rockdale Junior High

814 Bushdale

Rockdale, TX 76567

(512) 430-6100

Rockdale Intermediate School

1338 W. Highway 79

Rockdale, TX 76567

(512) 430-3682

Rockdale High School

500 Childress

Rockdale, TX 76567

(512) 430-3512

5 Starr Carwash family owned and operated in Rockdale, Texas
5 Starr Carwash family owned and operated in Rockdale, Texas | Source

How to Get to Rockdale, Texas

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