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Examples of Plastic Utensils and Their Uses

Updated on October 2, 2013

This hub is going to address some of the handy plastic utensils commonly used in cooking and some tips and tricks using some of the plastic utensils as well. Now there is no particular reason I leaned towards discussing plastic utensils over any other type aside from SEO marketing, but I believe this hub will be helpful to anyone reading through the information that is looking for it.

Overall benefits of using plastic utensils

Convenience and cost efficiency are the biggest reasons one could use plastic utensils. Perfect for any occasion or event where there will be lots of people eating. There is no occasion where you wouldn't want to use plastic utensils over standard silverware.

Easy cleanup would be the next point to hit on in the convenience category. Being able to toss plastic utensils into the trash instead of cleaning them is a big perk. You would be able to easily clean up without having to was any dishes, making the time saved also a factor into the cost category. 

Plastic Serving Utensils

There are many types and variety of plastic utensils at one's disposal. The most common and widely chosen types are the clear plastic and solid white plastic utensils.

To the right here is a standard example of a clear plastic utensil set manufactured by Kirkland. The clear plastic utensils offer a bit more class, if that's what you could call it, to the dining experience.

Plastic utensils for children

I have a 3 year old daughter, so I personally know the last thing I ever want to think about is making a meal dangerous. Avoid ever worrying about dangerous eating for your young child by providing him or her with a plastic utensil set of his or her own. This will save you headache, especially if you're new to parenting, and also provide a more vibrant eating experience for your child. Traditional silverware usually isn't very colorful or fun shaped for a child to enjoy, so picking up a plastic utensil set for your child is a must. I've provided a few examples just because a lot of people don't know about making a child's eating experience more fun with utensils.

Plastic Bowls and Plates

Not only are they reusable if you'd like them to be, but they are cost effective and convenient for parties and events. The benefits of using plastic dishes is about the same as the description of the plastic utensils I gave earlier, so I won't waste your time rambling more about plastic.


You can pretty much draw your own conclusion about the benefits of using plastic utensils. Aside from convenience and cost effectiveness for large events, they don't provide too many benefits. If you want to reuse them, then they are great. But overall, you should probably invest in a nice solid dish set that you personally like. While plastic utensils are fine, the general concensus is that they are generally tacky to use regularly around the home.


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