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Polka Dot Napkins

Updated on March 12, 2011

The Joy of Polka Dot Napkins

Nothing will ever say classic style at dinnertime like a table dressed with elegant, yet fun polka dot napkins. Polka dot napkins can be a great way to stylize dinner time with such a fun, yet sophisticated pattern.

Polka dot napkins can really add a touch of color to your table, as well as touch of fun to dinnertime. It all depends on what overall look you're going for, because with the right table accessorizing and the right color polka dot napkins, polka dot napkins can go along with a cheery morning breakfast to an evening dinner party.

Although it may seem that polka dots are all the same pattern, consider all the color varieties and variations in polka dot sizes. From the most traditional home to the most modern, polka dot napkins are always a perfect accessory for your dinner table. Larger polka dots look great with contemporary decor, while average or small polka dots look great with more traditional settings.

Polka dot napkins are usually not used as your everyday dinner napkins, but usually for special occasions. Polka dot wedding napkins for instance are very popular for wedding dinners during the spring or summer. Polka dot luncheon napkins are often used when you have dinner or tea with friends.

Polka dot napkins can be found in many colors and not just plain white and black that you may think of. Pink polka dot napkins are for instance the most popular style of these patterned napkin.

You can shop online for polka dot napkins at and also eBay.

Choosing the Right Polka Dot Napkins for the Occasion

Polka dot napkins can suit any occasion at home or at a picnic. Whether they're paper or cloth, polka dot napkins are fun for birthday parties or for dinner parties. It all depends on how you set your table.

  • For breakfast: Choose polka dot napkins in a bright and cheery color that will make you smile when you see them. This is a great way to start the day. Try a multi-colored polka dot napkin or a brightly colored background napkin like bright yellow with white polka dots.
  • For birthday dinners: Depending on who the birthday is for, try finding birthday napkins in the person's favorite color. Even if you're buying paper polka dot napkins, try matching the polka dot napkin color to their favorite one. If you don't know the person's favorite color, opt for brightly colored polka dot napkins like you would choose for breakfast. You don't want to have depressing napkins at a birthday.
  • If you know the birthday man or woman is very classic, try the timeless black with white polka dots napkins, red with white, or white with black. For children's birthdays, always stick to a fun color or fun print within the polka dots if you don't know what their favorite color is.
  • For dinner parties: If it's a dinner that you would classify as fancier, then opt for more classic shades of polka dot napkins, like black with white polka dots, white with black polka dots, or red with white polka dots. White with black polka dot napkins do get dirty easily, so make sure if you're serving red wine, that you think about that.
  • If it's for a wedding party, then by all means match the polka dots to the wedding colors.

More importantly, have fun when choosing your polka dot napkins. If you like a particular color and it doesn't match these suggestions, then choose your favorite color of course!

Polka Dot Napkins

Polka dot napkins
Polka dot napkins


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