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Popover Recipe: Best Recipe Ever! 4 Ingredients, Very Easy to Make

Updated on April 28, 2009

Possibly the easiest and most delicious recipe that you'll ever make!

My mom has been making these popovers for years. She has tweaked her recipe over the years into something that any aspiring cook can handle; a four ingredient recipe!

What are popovers?

Popovers are a bread item; not to be confused with muffins! You can cook them in muffin tins, however popover tins work best. The egg in the mixture ensures that your popovers will almost double their size and swell when you cook them, hence the term "pop over". Popovers basically have a huge hollow center (they're not dense like muffins). The insides are soft and moist and the outside is crispy. They can be served for breakfast with condiments of your choice (my favorite combination is blueberry jam and butter!) or, you can use them in place of dinner rolls. In fact, I've seen popovers served in a lot of restaurants in place of a typical dinner roll or bread loaf.


1 cup milk
3 whole eggs
1 cup flour
dash of salt


Ensure that all ingredients are at room temperature before starting.

Place ingredients in a mixing blender in order of liquids to solids (milk first, eggs next, flour then salt). 

Blend all together for 15-30 seconds. Do not overblend longer than necessary

Pour batter into very well greased popover tin. These are known to stick if not enough oil or butter is used to grease the sides of the tins. If you don't have a popover tin, a muffin tin will do.

Cook 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

Turn heat down to 350 degrees and cook an additional 10 minutes.

Remove from oven and pop out of tins immediately.

Serve warm with condiments of your choice (typically served with butter and jam) and enjoy!


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    • Journey * profile image

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 4 years ago from USA

      These popovers look very tasty and I love it when a recipe is simple. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      tevagrrrl 6 years ago

      i love this recipe!!! it's easy and the results are always just right. thank you for sharing this with us!

    • girly_girl09 profile image

      girly_girl09 7 years ago from United States

      Marty - glad you enjoyed the recipe. I've never tried maple syrup with popovers, but I can definitely see how that would taste great!

    • profile image

      Marty Rushlow 7 years ago

      Great popovers....we eat them with jam - poke a hole in the top and put in a pat of butter and then the jam. Also have put in maple syrup. This recipe is great. It is not only fast but also delicious. They puffed up really high and had a few left. Went to church and came back and they still were puffed. Unlike other recipes I've used. Thanks, will be making again for sure.

    • R Burow profile image

      R Burow 8 years ago from Florida, United States

      Love how simple it sounds. I will be trying these soon. I have not had pop overs in years. Thanks for sharing.

    • girly_girl09 profile image

      girly_girl09 8 years ago from United States

      Chris - that recipe sounds really good; I will definitely check it out!

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      thnaks for sharing nice recipe

    • ChrisSnil profile image

      ChrisSnil 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      @girly_girl09: we usually serve them as an accompaniment to a roast dinner, but the leftover slices are delicious in a roast beef sandwich, especially if you've got some gravy left over.

      We also have a dish called toad-in-the-hole ( which is basically a big Yorkshire Pudding, baked in a tray, but you put three or four sausages in and bake it in the oven. It's delicious with mash and lots of onion gravy

    • Hawkesdream profile image

      Hawkesdream 8 years ago from Cornwall

      My son used to call them 'heave ons' because after the roast was served, my mother would just 'heave em' on the plate.

    • girly_girl09 profile image

      girly_girl09 8 years ago from United States

      It's really interesting how they evolved from an overseas dinner item into a breakfast food for Americans! That's all I've ever known them for. Very strange!

      How do you eat them with Roast Beef? As a Sandwich or just as a side? I'm interested to know haha

    • ChrisSnil profile image

      ChrisSnil 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      I think I'm going to have to agree with the first commenter here, I'm used to having them with roast beef, but the idea of trying them with something sweet is rather intriguing :)

    • girly_girl09 profile image

      girly_girl09 8 years ago from United States

      You learn something new everyday; I had no idea that they are eaten with roast beef! I think I'll try that sometime!

      They are so good with jam.

    • Hawkesdream profile image

      Hawkesdream 8 years ago from Cornwall

      These are Yorkshire Puddings, traditionally served here with Roast beef, must say they do sound great with a sweet topping, have to try it.