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Pork Steaks, Rosemary and Zesty Glaze With Heat

Updated on March 18, 2011

Pork Steaks with Homemade Glaze

Pork Steaks with Glaze
Pork Steaks with Glaze

Glazed Pork Chops

One of the quickest ways to bring your tastebuds up to snuff is to serve pork chops off the grill. The combination of the right barbecue technique on the grill, the right viscosity of the glaze and the fat cooked perfectly around the edge of the meat, will allow your party the perfect opportunity to test your wares!

This is an old family favorite which we pulled out of "Weber Genesis(trademark) Gas Barbecue Cookbook", copywright 1990, Rev. 12 printing, 2/90, page 24. We have used this forwards and backwards, sideways etc. My family has not deviated any from the glaze sauce below. The one exception is the amount of heat you can introduce through the Tabasco; it's entirely up to you. No amount can ruin the dish. It's more a function of how much do you want to perspire!

This recipe can bring down the house if you do 2 things:

1. Buy the right thickness of pork steak (around 1" thick cut)

Even though the manly thing to do is buy the thick-cut, refrain from this temptation until you try this one time!

2. Don't salt the meat! The glaze has enough salt in it to bring the meat up to where it needs to be, in addition to the natural salt in the meat.

With these 2 tips, you will quickly and effortlessly master this recipe.

Pork Steak Glaze

1/2 C soy sauce

3/4 C catsup

3/4 C honey

3 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 t Tabasco

*I typically use more Tabasco than the recipe calls for but taste to your desire.

Mix all ingredients and set aside. Key note: You will need to experiment with this glaze. You want to aim at a consistancy that isn't too runny, yet not too thick that glaze becomes overly syrupy. Some days it will turn out runnier than others and I'm not sure why! The right consistancy will help the glaze stick to the meat as it's cooking on the grill. If too light, the glaze will drip off, leaving you with a nice pork steak without much of the flavor of the glaze.

Pork Steaks - buy around 3 to 3 1/2 pounds, 1" thick cut

Meat Preparation

Usually, I will rinse pork steaks under water and dry with paper towel to remove bone residue and other material from package.

Coat pork steaks with garlic powder, not garlic salt. I don't recommend salting the meat as sauce is very sweet and too much salt on meat can overpower the subtleness of sauce.

Take some fresh rosemary and cut up around 1-2 T and spread liberally over pork steaks.

Add crushed pepper to meat and you are ready for grilling.

Barbecuing the Pork Steaks

Using high heat, set steaks on grill. Cook for around 3-5 minutes or until meat is seared. Turn over and sear other side. After another 3-5 minutes, reduce heat to low and cook meat for around another 10 minutes per side.

During the last 10 minutes of cooking, glaze meat with sauce. Don't turn meat again as glaze will now be cooked onto the pork steaks.

This is an important step! As you add the glaze to the pork steaks, allow drizzle of glaze to drip over the cooked fat around the meat. This will add tremendous taste and will saturate entire steak with this wonderful zesty glaze. You will not be disappointed!

Remove from heat and serve over a nice dish of wild rice, brown rice or white rice.

A nice Pinot Noir or a lighter, fruitier red wine will work with this dish. You might even try a Zinfandel to complement the heat from the glaze.

Simple ingredients, profound taste!



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