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Pork and Vegetables Sour Soup - Pork Sinigang Recipe

Updated on November 26, 2012
Pork Sinigang
Pork Sinigang | Source

Pork Sinigang (Philippine Soup)

Sinigang is Philippines’ signature soup dish famous for its sour flavour because of the presence of either of the following souring agents: tamarind, calamansi, guava or even raw mango.

Little is known of this soup’s real origin. But a food writer named Doreen Fernandez suggested that it was a dish prepared by natives long time ago. Others believe that it’s an imitated dish from other cultures because of the fact that it has a certain resemblances on other nation’s dishes such as the sayurasem (Indonesia’s tamarind veggies), tom yam (Thailand), canhchua (Vietnam’s sour soup), and singgang (Malaysia’s tamarind soup). Until now, nobody really knows about its true origin. But you can be sure that it’s guaranteed to satisfy your hunger needs.

The recipe below will give you information on how to cook Pork Sinigang with the use of tamarind fruit as a souring agent.

You will need:
1 kilogram pork
1 piece onion (thinly sliced)
1 piece radish/ labanos (sliced)
2 pieces green pepper
2 pieces eggplant (sliced)
4 pieces tomatoes (sliced)
4 pieces taro/ gabi
10 pieces tamarind seeds or 1 package sinigang mix
1 bundle string beans/ sitaw (cut into 2 inches long)
1 bundle river spinach/ kangkong leaves

Here’s how to cook:
1. Place the pork, onion and tomatoes into a big casserole filled with enough water. Let it boil for about 20 to 30 minutes or until it tenderized.
2. Add the tamarind seeds to the mixture and let it boil. After 3 to 5 minutes, then remove the seeds, strain and squeeze tightly into the casserole to add some juice into the soup.
3. Pour the taro into the pot and let it cook for a few minutes until the soup thickens.
4. Add the radish, string beans, eggplants, river spinach and green pepper. Cook for about 5 minutes.
5. Season salt to taste and turn off the heat.
6. It’s now ready to serve!

You can use instant sinigang sa sampalok mix instead of tamarind seeds. In that way, you can instantly cook this simple recipe.
You can also use other meat such as chicken as well as shrimps instead of pork.
And make sure not to overcook the vegetables.


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