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Potato - 60 Uses So Far

Updated on February 23, 2009

His Majesty Potato

The most common, the most dull, the most uncharacteristic piece of vegetable known to mankind - a brownish, no fixed shape, no particular smell object: Potato.

Still, the uses of potato are virtually endless. I'll try covering at least some tiny part of the vast potato universe.

Just to put your imagination on fire some random facts about potatoes:

  • potato is the first vegetable grown in outer space
  • biggest potato weighted 3.2 kg
  • annual consumption of potato is 33 kgper person 
  • Scots refused eating potatoes, at some point in history, as it was not mentioned in the Bible
  • in 17th century, Germany's King Federik William ordered the peasants to plant potatoes or have their noses cut off
  • potatoes contain no fat, they're 80% water
  • potato is a great source of vitamin C
  • one of the world's few Potato Museums is located in Washington D.C. and contains over 2,000 potato artifacts


Newly added uses!!!

No. 21 - Make fritule.

No. 50. - In soap making.

Check them bellow for more detail!

Potato Recipes, Potato Drinks & Potato Desserts

1) Mashed potatoes - Cook potatoes with their skin peeled of and then mash them, adding milk, butter, salt and pepper. You could also use mustard, egg yolk, nutmeg, grated cheese, olive oil.

2) Fried potatoes - Heat the potatoes in hot oil then lower the temperature and leave to cook, stirring frequently.

3)Chips Peel, cut and dry the potatoes. Cook them in hot oil.

4) Potato salad - Cook the whole potatoes, peel skin, slice them, pour the dressing (olive and vegetable oil, salt, pepper, vinegar) over. You could add sliced onion for better taste.

5) Gnocchi - Peel skin and cut potatoes into cubes, cook. Mash and mix with flour and eggs, salt and pepper to taste. Form balls and boil them.

6) Boiled potatoes

7) Roast potatoes - Cut potatoes into small chunks and place in a well-oiled roasting tin that has been preheated in the oven. Cook until they’re golden and crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.

8) Baked potatoes - Prick and cover the potatoes in aluminium foil, then bake in the oven at 200°C. Remove the foil and pop the potatoes under the grill for 10 minutes at the end to make the skin nice and crispy.

9) Hash browns - Grate the raw, peeled potatoes into a bowl. Mix in grated onion, salt, pepper and beaten egg. Heat some oil in a frying pan and spoon in portions of the mixture. Make into shapes about 1cm thick. Flip once they’re browned and crispy.

10) Potato wedges - Scrub the potatoes and cut them in half lengthways, repeating until you get even wedges. Place in a bowl with olive oil and stir until coated. Place onto a baking sheet and bake at 200°C for about 30 minutes until golden brown and cooked throughout.

11) Potato dauphinoise - For 1kg of potatoes, use 1 litre of liquid crème fraiche or half milk/half double cream. Cook for 2 hours at 120°C.

12) Potato croquettes

13) Crisps

14) Potato scones

15) Barbeque potatoes

16) Make potato bread

Potato drinks:

17) Make vodka

18) Make potato wine

Potato desserts:

19) Make ice cream potato

20) Make mock maple syrup

21) Make fritule - A Dalmatian dessert fritters made mostly of potatoes, served hot in special occasions like Christmas or Carnival. Cook the whole potatoes (1/2 kg) and peel off while still hot. Mash them really fine, add 2 eggs, 2 Tbspns of sugar, 200g flour mixed with 1 package of dry yeast, orange and lemon zest, raisins soaked in rakija (or other liquer), nutmeg, salt, cinnamon, rakija (or rum, brandy or something similar). Mix all together, and leave for one hour on a warm place. Put vegetable oil on medium low fire, have a glass with oil and spoon close and take the dough into your hand. Squeeze the dough between the thumb and index finger, and scoop it off with the oily spoon and place in hot oil. Remove from the oil when golden brown. Serve warm with icing sugar.

22) Treat your friends with a potato dessert - During the 18th century, potatoes were served as a dessert, hot and salted, in a napkin.

Beauty & Health Potato Uses

22) Anti aging effect - Wash face in potato juice or potato water.

23) For puffy tired eyes - Place round slices on your eyes to reduce the tiredness of your eyes.

24) Medicine for skin burn - Take a raw sliced potato and make it as a paste by mixing water. Apply the paste on minor skin burns to relieve pain.

25) Medicine for headache - Take a half sliced raw potato, and rub it on your temples to get relief from headache.

26) Helps you sleep - Potato prevents the action of acids in our stomach that disturb our sleep. Take a boiled and mashed potato with milk before sleeping.

27) Cure warts - Rub the cut edge of a potato on a wart daily and it will go away. The potato is very high in potassium and vitamin C which promotes healing. This should be done every day until the wart has gone.

28) Cold or Hot Compress - Potatoes hold the heat and the cold very well, so they make good compresses. Heat a potato, wrap it in a cloth and use as a hot compress. Do the same with a cold one that has been in the freezer.

29) Face Mask - Take a little mashed potato and add lemon juice and a teaspoon of milk. Put on, leave for twenty minutes and then rinse off.

30) Cure toothache - A peeled potato in the pocket was assumed to cure a toothache.

31) Help rheumatism - A dried potato worn around the neck was assumed to help rheumatism.

Home & Garden Potato Uses

32) Remove glue on hands

33) As a shoe polish - Rub a raw potato on your old, dirty shoes before polishing them.

34) As a polish on silverware - Boil potatoes in some water and remove the potato from water. Place your silverware in the water for an hour. Silver ware will glaze.

35) Extract salt from oversalted soups and pottages - Toss in some large sliced potatoes while still on the stove. In about 5 to 10 minutes the potato slices absorb the excess salt. Then remove them from the pot or bowl.

36) Keep glasses clear - Rubbing a potato on the glasses can prevent them from fogging up in the early morning.

37) Root geraniums - Just take a potato and cut a hole down through it but not all the way through. Push a geranium stem into the potato and plant the whole thing in potting soil. Soon you will have a new geranium.

38) Re-plant potatoes to make more potatoes

39) Use potato peelings compost

40) Remove Berry Stains - A piece of raw potato rubbed onstains will take them off. If the problem is really bad, dip the cut potato into lemon juice before using it.

41) Remove stains on hands - Just rub your hands with a potato.

42) Clean rusty knives - Use a raw potato dipped in brick dust.

43) Clean carpets - Grate a raw potato and rub over the surface of the carpet and finish off with a clean cloth, wrung out with warm water.

44) Clean dresses - Grate two raw potatoes into a pint of cold water; strain through a sieve; add another pint of water and let it settle; then pour the clean part into a bottle. Dip a sponge into the water and rub the soiled garment caretully, afterward rinsing with clear water.

Art & Craft Potato Uses

45) Draw a potato still-life - If Van Gogh considered them worth painting so much that he painted foru still-life canvases devoted to potato, who are you to judge?

46) Make a decorative stamp - Potatoes are so easily carved that they make a perfect medium for making your own stamps for decorating. Cut a potato in half widthwise. Carve a design on one half. Start stamping.

47) Practice juggling.

48) Make model animals using potatoes and sticks

49) Arrange flowers - Use potato instead of floral's foam to hold small flower arrangements. Cut a potato in half length ways. Place with the cut side down in a container and poke hole in the surface so that you can insert flower stems into it.

50) In soap making. - Generally, soap is made of some kind of oil and lye. In older days people would pour water into ashes, and some lye water would form. They couldn't measure it like today, with lacmus papers, but they used the potato as a measure. If the potato floats the lye water is good to use in soap making.

Games & School Projects With Potato:

51) Play hot potato

52) Potato and spoon race

53) Play "The Potato Race", a game from Parker Brothers in 1903.

54) Demonstrate osmosis

55) Demonstrate the test for starch

56) Demonstrate the act of catalase on hydrogen peroxide

Unusual Uses of Potato

57) Safely remove broken lightbulbs - Unplug the lamp. Cut a potato widthwise and place it over the broken bulb. Twist, and the rest of the lightbulb should come out easily.

58) Aphrodisiac - People in Shakespeare's time viewed the potato as an aphrodisiac and labeled them "Apples of Love".

59) Make a potato battery - Don't be fooled; those can be very powerful. There are mentions of a Web server and a sound system running on potato power.

60) Make fire with potato. - You'll also need salt, toothpaste, wires, toothpicks, cotton and a knife. But, it really works!

Half Cooked, Half Baked

I've made it to 60! Woo-hoo! So, what do you have to say about potato NOW?


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      pavan rock 

      5 years ago

      its very nice article

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      Linda Fuchay 

      6 years ago

      when you put a sliced or a grated raw potato on a bruise, it will not turn blue. just change it when it gets dry. do this for 20 minutes just after the bump.

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      i loved the info very useful

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      Decent las helped me in my science class thanks derr bruss musta

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      French Fries are potato you should put it on recipe part.

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      roseanne myers 

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      Does anyone have a use for the potatoes which are taken out so that potatoe skins with bacon and cheese can be made?

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      (I've always wanted to say that...)

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      great collection

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      Anie-richman Lambert 

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      I love potatoes so much. I never knew it has such a vast usefulness. Please how can I make an effective potatoes battery to power some appliances? Here is my email:

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      Eva, how did you use or mix?

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      Helps me with mai project on it :D

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      HAHA SOOOOO MUCH HELP FOR MY AG CLASS! more that the parker 2

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      u can make salt potatoes. u just bole them in salt so they soke it in and have a salty teaste

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      wow it's been so useful

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      You missed one. You can also use a potato to test the specific gravity of calcium cloride brine.

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      7 years ago

      Oh, juice and pulp whitens skin, cures blemishes, tightens wrinkles. Yup, it works, I've been using this for years and, at 43, still get carded when I buy vodka :)

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      Travis Mitchell 

      7 years ago

      The guy who came up with all this has no life what so ever...

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      LOL person 

      8 years ago

      Helps me with mai project on it :D

    • christine almaraz profile image

      christine almaraz 

      9 years ago from colorado springs

      I have a cook book 101 ways to cook potatoes. I love it. I think it's a miracle food. It's sustained so many poor people over the years (including my family when I was young). Because I'm Native American (and we were poor), the government used to bring us boxes of food to last the month, they always contained 3 ten pound bags of potatoes, so my mom and grandmother made pototoes probably 101 ways. I love taters:)


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