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Potato Peelers: Hand and Electric Potato Peeler Reviews

Updated on March 21, 2011

Choosing a Potato Peeler

A Potato Peeler, sometimes referred to as simply a peeler or a vegetable peeler, is an important kitchen tool. It is possible to peel a potato with a knife, but a potato peeler makes the job much faster and safer. Using a peeler also wastes less as it allows you to more easily remove just the potato peel.

There are some interesting electric potato peeler machines on the market today. Some of these electric potato peelers can really save you time - and can double as an apple peeler as well!

There are several styles of hand potato peeler, so when deciding which one to purchase, it's good to know all your options.

This article will compare and review some electric potato peelers, explain some different styles of hand potato peelers, and look at some other related devices such as a mandoline slicer, french fry cutter, potato chip slicer, and potato peeler gloves.

Electric Potato Peeler

An Electric Potato Peeler Machine can save you time!  With an automatic potato peeler you can quickly and effortlessly peel potatoes with ease.  If you entertain a lot or have a large family, you know the task of peeling potatoes can be very time consuming.  An electric potato peeler can solve this issue immediately!

Starfrit Rotato Express Potato Peeler

The Rotato Express is not just a potato peeler.  It is a vegetable peeler, an apple peeler, and more.  It can peel fruit skins quickly and without wasting any of the nutritious part of the fruit or vegetable.

All you have to do is center the item you wish to peel and lower the upper section to clamp down on the potato, and hold it in place.  You adjust a lever and set the peeler arm, then watch it go!

When the peeling is done, the machine will stop automatically.  This is great because once you set it you can move on to work on other cooking tasks.

Presto Peel-a-Meal electric potato peeler

This is another style of electric potato-vegetable peeler.  You can put up to 2 pounds of vegetables in the container, and watch through a see-through cover while the machine automatically peels the items in 1-4 minutes.  This is great as a potato peeler or an apple peeler - but also has hundreds of other uses.
The parts are all dishwasher safe and this item also includes a salad-spinner attachment.
With a Presto peel a meal electric potato peeler, you can get 5lbs of potatoes done in 10-15 minutes.  With a hand potato peeler that would take around 30 minutes at least.

Back To Basics Apple And Potato Peeler

If you prefer an automatic potato peeler machine that is a little more manual, you should check out the back to basics apple and potato peeler. This item makes it easy to core, slice, and peel apples or potatoes.

For making deserts this item is extremely useful. Making a deserts like apple pie from scratch are much easier with a machine like this. Peeling piles of potatoes for a Thanksgiving day feast is effortless!

Read some Amazon Reviews and you'll see how pleased people are with this potato peeler.

What about a Hand Potato Peeler?

A hand potato peeler can solve most people's requirements for peeling potatoes and vegetables. Hand potato peelers are an inexpensive essential kitchen tool everyone should have.  

There are a few different styles, all of which basically do the same job.  When considering your needs however, you may find it helpful to know which options available.  

A comparison of the three main potato peeler styles:

  • A scalpel peeler is good for peeling hard fruits and vegetables like a potato.  
  • A serrated peeler on the other hand is good for delicate vegetables like tomatoes or fruits like kiwis.  
  • A Julienne peeler creates thin sticks, perfect for salads or stir fries.

Having each type of vegetable peeler will come in handy at different times.  Because they are not so expensive, why not just be prepared for anything?  If you have the proper tool it might motivate you to cook more, and try out more new recipes.

Y-peeler or normal peeler?

A Y-peeler gets its name because of its shape. A single handle with two arms making it look like a Y. A Y-peeler offers more control and is especially good for peeling delicate fruits and vegetables.

A normal peeler works best for things like potatoes, carrots, and cucumbers. Hard vegetables which are difficult to damage.

Check-list for what your peeler should have:

  • An easy to grip handle, so even if it gets wet you can maintain a good grip.
  • A swivel scraper, which offers you more control.
  • A sharp blade
  • An "eyer" for removing blemishes on the vegetable or fruit.

Potato Peeler Gloves

Another option for peeling potatoes is to use Tater gloves.  Tater gloves claim you can peel a potato in 8 seconds.  They quickly and safely remove the outer layer of skin from the potato, preventing any of the potato from going to waste.

While personally I have never seen these gloves and they seem a little silly, I thought I would mention them as I'm curious if anyone else has ever tried them.  If you have, drop me a comment!

Items related to the potato peeler

Once you have a bunch of peeled potatoes, now what? Do you want to make potato chips? Do you want to make french fries? Do you want to mash them?  There are a few other useful tools you may want to consider.

Mandoline Slicer

A Mandoline is a cooking utensil which makes slicing items extremely easy.  If you have finished peeling your potato and now wish to cut it into potato chips, a Mandoline works as a perfect potato chip slicer.  

Mandoline's can be used to make waffle cuts, crinkle cuts, juliennes, and can help you quickly a large variety of tasks.  Especially as a potato slicer, a mandolin is great as it can make slices of uniform thickness.  This is important when making something deep fried like potato chips as it will help them cook evenly.

Learn more about how to use a Mandoline Slicer

French Fry cutter

Once you have some nicely peeled potatoes, you have already completed nearly all the steps required for how to make French fries!

A French fry cutter is basically a potato slicer designed to cut them into fries. Making your own homemade French fries is extremely cheap and easy. With a Fry cutter you can make healthy baked French fries.

Without a French fry cutter the task of chopping a hard, uncooked potato with a knife can be difficult. With the proper tool however, the job is quick and fast.

You can even use your new French fry cutter to make delicious sweet potato fries - or even carrot fries! Get creative! With this tool you can do an amazing amount of tasks.

Potato Masher

Of course a very popular dish that requires a lot of peeled potatoes is mashed potatoes. Whether you like them creamy, chunky, garlic-ky, or whatever, a good potato masher is a useful tool to add to your kitchen. A good potato masher will make this task simple.

Look for a sturdy potato masher with a comfortable grip.  With the proper kitchen tools you can accomplish each task with ease, and quickly put together complete meals for friends or family!

The humble Potato Peeler

People have made good use of Potato Peelers over time, utilizing them to speed up a task that we all must perform daily.  Whether you choose and electric potato peeler, or a hand potato peeler, in the end it is an essential kitchen tool.  

Potato peelers offer a variety of options, like serrated blades, eyers, julienne blades, and more.  Look for a comfortable potato peeler to suit your needs. 

With your new potato peeler, consider adding a French fry cutter or a mandolin potato slicer.  With these tools you will be an unstoppable force in the kitchen! And I'm sure everyone around you will take notice :)  

Please comment, share, up-vote, like, etc.  I hope this article was helpful, Thanks for reading :)


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