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Potluck Dessert

Updated on July 14, 2013

Talking About Potluck Meals

If you love cooking and haring great tasting food and desserts then you would love to potluck meals because it's a great way for you and your family and friends to come together and enjoy good tasting food and great conversations you can even share a few good recipes and you know if your dish is really good the whole group will be giving compliments to the chef and that alone is enough to make anyone smile..

I think if your going to have a potluck meal with a group of family or friends I suggest you prepare one of your best dishes or something that you know your good at preparing, I also suggest that you o not try and create something that you never made before because your not sure how it's going to come out so stay with something that you are strong with and you will be ok.

Making a potluck meal can be a lot of fun and that is what it is suppose to be so when your preparing your meal make a list of all of the ingredients that your putting into your dish and have with you or you can display it so people can see what ingredients you have put into your food, the reason for this is someone might be allergic to one of the ingredients that you have in your dish to me it is just a safe way for others to pick and choose what they want.

There is also a few things to consider when brings you dish to the potluck serving equipment and the way to keep your dish hot or cold if your making one of those dishes that require keeping it hot or cold you should also consider how your going to transport your dish and the safest way to di it.

When having a potluck meal please try to pick out the dish you want and not given to you because everyone thinks or know you can cook ......that's what happened to me when we had a potluck get together and I was picked to make dessert as you will see as you read on in this article.

Chocolate Crepe Cake

Crepes can be used to do many many things all you have to do is be creative in your efforts.
Crepes can be used to do many many things all you have to do is be creative in your efforts. | Source

Potluck Desserts

One of the craziest things happened to me the other day .....And that was my family had a potluck party now that was not the big problem ......The problem was we everybody picked what they were doing I got stuck with the dessert .....Now that was a problem because I hate to bake, many people think because your a chef that you like to cook anything ...Let me be the first to tell you that is not true I'm a chef not a baker for me baking is to precise everything has to be measured and that takes time.

It's funny because that was not my only problem I did not have anything to make as a dessert for this potluck, i really do not eat sweets so I looked in the the refrigerator looking to see what I had, looking in there all I had was some pre-packaged crepes, mascarpone cheese,cream cheese, bakers chocolate, Hershey chocolate and 1 can of strawberry topping....So I decided to to turn those crepes into a nice chocolate crepe cake .

Now I believed my ideal was good but the task ahead was to get it done so I had to put mind to work ....Here I go I got out my mixer and and mixed 4oz of cream cheese and mascarpone cheese together to get it soft, while the mixer was whipping the cheeses together I started melting down the bakers chocolate and I added the Hershey chocolate to it. I opened up the crepes then I toasted them in the oven a few minutes to add a little crunch to them when I finish all of that it was time to assemble this cake.

What I first did was grab my crepes then I started to spread the cheese mixture on 6 crepes by the way it was a total of 8 crepes,then I took one more crepe and put on the bottom of the plate then I I stacked the crepes on top of each other then I put the remaining crepe on top then I took my chocolate mixture and and covered the crepes with the chocolate when I finish covering the crepes I placed it in the refrigerator so the chocolate can cool on the crepes. I will tell you this ....To make this crepe cake was hard for me because I did not know what I was doing I started oh and by the way with the can of strawberries I just took them placed them in a sauce pan and got them warm I added a 2 teaspoons of lemon juice a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of basil stir to mix up let cool and drizzle as desired.

Potluck Banana Pudding

If you want to make a simple dish that will be a real crowd pleaser at any potluck gathering I suggest you to try this a simple banana pudding that almost every one loves and it is one of those American classics. The one thing I really like about making this dish it is a dish that can go into your refrigerator and stay there until it is time to be serve so when most people are taking things out of the refrigerator your putting yours in because the have to eat the he main tasty dishes before you get to the desserts.

Potluck Banana Pudding

Super simple but the taste is great.


1 large 6 ounce package of instant vanilla pudding

2 1/2 cups of ice cold whole milk

1 can 14 ounces of sweetened condensed milk

1 container 16 ounces of cool whipped topping

8 bananas sliced

1 box of vanilla wafer cookies


let's start by adding the pudding mix and the condensed milk and blend well together now add in half of the cool whip topping.

Now let's begin putting this together by making layers of bananas and the vanilla wafers until you use all of the bananas then add he remaining cool whip topping and garnish with a little sprinkle of crushed vanilla wafers but this is optional then refrigerate overnight before serving and enjoy.

I really think that having a potluck meal is a great way to bring any group of people together, it dose not matter if it a business meeting a family gathering or just a group friends doing it potluck style is the way to go and if you want to know more about doing potluck meals check out my potluck blog right here on is the link......Starting A Potluck Club please check out the article try the recipe and enjoy.

Potluck Banana Pudding

There is nothing better than a family coming together for a great potluck dinner it's a perfect way to bring people together
There is nothing better than a family coming together for a great potluck dinner it's a perfect way to bring people together | Source


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