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Updated on September 20, 2012
Featherman Pro Plucker
Featherman Pro Plucker
Inside of the Featherman Pro
Inside of the Featherman Pro
Featherman Game Bird Plucker
Featherman Game Bird Plucker
Gas fired portable scalding tank
Gas fired portable scalding tank
Featherman Turkey Plucker
Featherman Turkey Plucker

If you need to remove feathers in a hurry, these time tested Featheman products will get the job done in 20 seconds after the scalding process!

Whether you own a small hobby farm, a poultry farm, or hunt wild game birds the task of feather removal is one of the most, nasty, labor and time consuming task in order to process any feathered harvest. The stench of wet feathers is not very fun either.

These Featherman pluckers have been especially designed to mechanically remove all the fathers including the small and difficult pin feathers.

The birds are first killed using a butchering cone. This allows the live bird to be placed upside down in a cone that keeps it from also clawing.

The cone allows the head to be easily pulled down and the juggler vein to be cut.

Several butcher cones are used at one time to allow the birds to bleed out before continuing the process.

The birds are then dipped into scalding hot water to loosen up the skin and feathers. They are then placed in the feather plucker to finish the feather removal.

The feather plucker is a large tub with soft rubber fingers. The game bird model has them placed closer together for the smaller birds.

These pluckers have been manufactured by Featherman since 2000, and are sold worldwide. Prior to this they were selling plans for Wiz Bang Feather plucker.

This plan was from an Amish designed plucker that worked so well they decided to start making their own product line.

An electric or optional gasoline powered motor spins the tub as water is sprayed from a garden hose adapter to form a vortex inside of the tub.

Feathers and water are flushed out through a bottom tray out into a bucket.

After plucking the birds’ feet, heads and oil glands, are removed followed by opening the abdominal cavity and removing the internal organs.

The birds are rinsed well inside and out and then placed into a chill tank filled with ice water before readying for the freezer bags.

The processing works well for small batch bird processing or in having a butchering party where several families come together to butcher a large batch of birds in an assembly line fashion.

The Featherman products are so well built that the Amish set up a rental business to rent out the equipment for others to use for a day and return.

Several different models are available including the scalder and dipping shackles.

The Featherman Pro will clean 4-5 birds in 20 seconds, the Featherman Turkey plucker will also clean 3-4 15-20lb turkeys in 20 seconds.

The Featherman Game Bird has the same size tub as the PRO so it will hold several for a quick clean as well.

All the models are available with electric motors, which is the most commonly used. Since the company sells many to the Amish communities non-electric models are also available.

These come with a hinged motor mount to use a belt and pulley. Gasoline, air or hydraulic motors are often used by the Amish instead of an electric motor.

Pictures and information is from Cottage Craft Works .com who also sells all the Featherman products.


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