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Power of Yoga, Almonds, and Green Tea

Updated on May 28, 2011

There is nothing that you would need in life more then yoga, almonds, and green tea. The power that the three of them give is amazing. I found recently that each have a tremendous effect on the mind, body, and soul.

Yoga is the most effective exercise to clear your mind and give you awareness about your body. If you want to dig deeper into your soul and find you true potential then yoga is for you. I recently found myself getting into the groove of yoga, and to my surprise I have never been more connected to my body. I have energy in the morning and I feel great.

Almonds are my favorite go-to snack. I grab a handful of almonds, Greek yogurt, and I am good to go. I know alot of people tend to shy away from nuts, but they really are beneficial to your health. At first I couldn't stand them but once I realized that the oils in almonds are good for you I couldn't resist. I'm not saying to eat a whole bowl of them but a few will do wonders at eating away fat from your body.

Green Tea, the super tea for many years and now a sudden craze for everyone is my favorite as well. I am one of those crazies that has to have a cup of green tea every night after a meal. What I love about green tea is that it has antioxidants and it helps your metabolism which is a great way for me to keep my body in shape. I believe that we all could use that extra boost to help with our metabolism and green tea is it. Now don't just drink any green tea, make sure you look at the label for caffeine effect and don't add a lot of sugar. Try to make everything natural as possible.

So now that you practically have everything you need to make you healthy and happy, go make it happen for yourself!


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