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Precautions taken while using Nonstick pans in the kitchens

Updated on November 18, 2015

Advantages and disadvantages of nonstick cookwares

Cooking everywhere is preferred to have low fat in it, for which people have gradually come to rely on nonstick cookwares as a great way to escape from fatty foods ,they cook or bake various food stuffs with very little or no oil easily in the nonstick pans ,the food may vary from scrambled eggs omelet cutlets or any other snacks ,use of non sticks without huge sticky clean-up afterward is another reason why people love to cook in these . In today's world where people like having low fat diet in particular, such pans have come to their rescue, as in them cooking could be done with little or no oil at all. But the use of nonstick pans have raised eyebrow for the first time , questioning about the safety of nonstick cookware, basically because of environmental concerns about PFOA it is also known as C-8(a chemical used to bond the nonstick coating over pan.

There are certain precautions we must take when nonstick kitchen appliances are taken into use by us .It has been found that chemicals from the coating on the cookware are transmitted to humans and are poisonous in nature ,to avoid the danger of erasing toxins from such cookware here are some measures which are to be followed by everyone .There has been a dispute that, beyond certain temperatures which may be hotter than the smoke point of cooking oils (when you hear the fire alarm ringing) or when the food is burned and some emits ,this is a point when the nonstick coating of the non stick cookware will break open and release toxic fumes from it (the charring smell is smelled and sometimes you get choked with the toxic smell. Any surface that is subjected tovery high temperature will emit toxic gases It is recommended that cookware with Teflon nonstick coating has a maximum rise in temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and that marked decomposition of the nonstick coating will only occur only when the temperature exceeds 660 degrees Fahrenheit basically,this could easily happen in the kitchens if nonstick cookwares were left dry or empty on a hot burner of the stoves or it is highly recommended :-
never to leave nonstick pans on an open flame of the stove or any other other heat source in the kitchen
While you are cooking, do not let temperatures rise beyond 450 degrees
Do not use any metal ladles on nonstick cookware when they are on the stove only use wooden ladles to stair thing in the nonstick pans
Take special care to wash nonstick utensils,wash such utensils by hand using nonabrasive cleaners (never use steel wool) they would erase the coating and emit toxins when the utensils are used
Never stack nonstick utensils on top of each other keep them separately hanged


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