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Weather prediction some useful tips

Updated on March 17, 2011

The Wonderful Weather

The Weather has long been an obsession with human kind the world over, not surprisingly seeing as it effects us all, no matter where you are on the surface of this planet the weather will be right along there with you. So its no shock that so many different things have been used for prediction of this wide, varied and often wild subject matter. Here is an interesting fact did you know that sometimes clouds alone have been responsible for numerous UFO sightings, if the conditions are just right you will get what is called a lenticular cloud some of these clouds can look so much like flying sucers that they have been reported as such.

The idea of this hub is to bring together some old folklore, hearsay and interesting facts about weather and various different means of forecasting its behaviour. A very handy skill to be able to master, as it is such a powerful natural force and never to be disrespected.

This day and age we have a great many pieces of scientific equipment that can be used to measure what might be about to happen but in days gone by, they would have had nothing more than the moon, clouds in the sky, nature or animals and their activities to observe. No matter what the weather you can more or less bet that there will be some kind of saying about how the weather will behave using less conventional methods than our modern day monitors ranging from seaweed to snails!

I hope that if anyone reading this information has any thing to contribute to the article that they will add an entry at the bottom of this page, it would be great to find more quirky ways that others may know of, so here goes......

Next time your on the beach grab yourself a bit of seaweed Bladder-wrack works well for this and its really simple to use...when it remains wet it will be wet or damp and when its dry the weather will be fine!

Red sky at night! shepherds delight! red sky in the morning shepherds warning! (If the sky is red at night then settled weather normally follows, so the shepherds can rest well without worrying about there flock and if its red in the morning this normally means some form of unsettled weather is on the way and the flock needs shelter)

Mackerel scales and mares tail's, I personally know this one to be very reliable and it is something that my Grandfather taught me. If the clouds in the sky look like the scales on a mackerel this signifies that there will be rain. The size of the scales determines how far away the rain fall is ie large scales or small scales representing either 24 or 48 hours away but I can not remember which way around that goes (sorry). If the mackerel scales are coupled with little wispy clouds that could represent a mares tail then there is sure to be wind with it.

Little clouds that look like sheep's fleece spread across the sky means that there will be no rain for that day.

If clouds are piling up and standing still but others gather around and move, this is the sign that a storm is brewing.

A ring around the moon on a clear night very often foretells rain, and if the weather is good or bad when a new moon is in the sky the weather wll not change from either state for around two weeks

If the clouds take the form of a blacksmiths anvil then be sure that it is a storm cloud that will normally culminate in a thunderstorm.

There is a saying that 'a curdley sky will not leave the earth long dry'!

If there are no clouds in the sky at all and the sky is very clear this can only be trusted to be a good day if the barometer reads high, otherwise it presages rain.

A jar full of leaches is a really good indicator for weather and was a very popular weather gauge in the olden days. The leaches are said to climb to the top of the jar if bad weather is approaching, if it is particularly stormy then they behave in a very agitated way, otherwise they remain on the bottom of the jar in water when the weather is fair, as soon as it changes back the leaches will again rise around 48 or 24 hours before the change occurs.

A sea anemone will remain closed if it is going to or already is raining and will open like a flower for fair weather.

Glow worms normally extinguish there lights at 12.00 pm if seen to still be glowing after this time it foretells rain.

If mist rolls in from the sea it is said that good weather will soon follow, and if mist rises from a river in a meadow in the evening, the next morning the sun will burn it off and a dry and bright day will follow.

In the summer months, if a heavy dew falls before midnight, the following day is sure to be a sunny one, this is also true if the dew still lies heavy into the morning.

In the summer on clear nights if no dew appears to fall then the next day there will probably be rain.

If a wind freshens really quickly and brings a storm it will not last for any longer than three hours.

Winds from the west normally bring rain.

If there is rain before seven then it will be dry by eleven, this is an old one that is normally not far wrong.

if the North wind doth blow then we shall have snow. (applying to the winter ans certain locations only)

If there is a heavy swell on the sea but not much wind at all it is sure to rain and blow a gale.

Always look to see if the wind is going hunting,(in land) or fishing (towards the sea), this denotes a bad or fine day.

Sudden frosts in winter, after rain , soon bring back the the rain again.

If swallows fly high then the weather will be dry, if the swallows fly low could be wet and the wind may blow.

If you hear the green woodpecker (known fondly as the dishwasher) in the distance in the summer months rain will soon follow.

If the cock goes crowing to his bed then he is sure to wake with a watery head.

I robin high in the the trees singing his song indicates that the day will be dry, if he sings low to the ground then wet weather will bring worms to be found.

If a turkey perches in a tree and refuses to come to the ground then snow is going to fall.

The goose and the gander begin to meander the matter is plain they are dancing for rain.

Crickets singing unusually normally mean rain is on its way.

If you see ants forming a line and traveling then there is stormy weather around if they are all running around willy nilly, then the weather will be fair.

Slugs and snails are always very active before rain and if you see spiders climbing high on the walls after a dry spell then rain will soon follow.

See a spider who cleans his web is said to see the sun on rising from bed.

If the frame lines of a spiders web a long then fine weather should be around for over a week. If they fix the frames short then wind and rain are about.

A spider spinning a web in wet weather is a good indication that it is soon to improve.

Bees will undertake long flights from there hive when the weather is set fine, if its likely to change they will make short flight only as they never get caught in the rain.

Sheep grazing uphill denotes fine weather, when they gather together under a tree or a hedge then wind rain or snow could be foretold.

If a cat sneezes it normally means that it will be wet soon.

If a pig is seen carrying straw to its sty it is getting cosy as the rain is on its way.

If cats scratch at the table leg then the weather is on the change.

If cows are hanging around on the top of the hills then the weather is set to be fine, and if seen slapping their sides with their tails then rain will soon arrive.

Squirrels feeding in the tree in the summer time shows the weather to remain fine and warm.

I love this one as a field full of spiders gossamer, with little raindrops on it , sparkling in the sun is a sight to see...when you see the spiders gossamer flying be sure that the weather is drying.

Dung piles, drains and ditches, all throw of a more offensive smell before rain.

If you hang pine cones in the home when it is warm and dry the will remain open and close to foretell cold and rain.

Pond weed sinks before a rainstorm.

If smoke from your chimney comes down onto the roof and travels along the eaves then be sure that there will be rain within the next few hours,

Well there you go that's a few to be getting along with I look forward to seeing this list grow .......bye for now Contemporary Metal Wall Sculptures


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    • profile image 

      8 years ago

      Well Myself, I am glad that my hub has been able to be of service to someone, and thanks for posting a comment...hope you get top marks for your assignment. :-)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks, I am in secondary school and we are studying weather saying whick I am really bad at. I had a 6 page homework with millions of sayings and we had to write whether they were true or false with and explanation.Boring!!!Overall it has taken at least 16 pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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