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Preparation of Airline Meals

Updated on March 29, 2014

Preparation of Airline meals was not same in the Past

In the earliest days of air travel, passengers really lived the high life. There were multi-course meals that were actually prepared during the flight. As air travel increased this became impractical and airlines turn to ‘pre-made meals’, because when you are feeding a lot of people in a small space, it’s best not to lead dinner up in the air. These are the meals meant for a higher purpose, as to feed folks at an altitude of thousands of meters. That’s why you don't see any soufflés here; they couldn't possibly rise to the occasion. It’s just one of the things they consider when preparing airline meals.

All is Prepared at one Place

Airline meals start with a load of ingredients; they make forty five thousand meals at a center in one day. As with any food preparation, good hygiene is essential. They cook on grills that are meter and half long. At one end they stir fry a big batch of vegetables, while at the other they saute potatoes. They spice it up, airline food isn't really all that blunt but the atmosphere on the plane may affect a perception of it. It’s believed that low humidity and the pressurized environment cause taste buds to work less efficiently! It’s something to take into account when you're traveling.

Variations in Airline Meals

The recipes also wary according to the route, flights to more exotic locales are full of spicy dishes, while a domestic North American flight usually calls for a little less Seasoning. They fire up different grills for the Meat; they make meals for the crew as well as the passengers. on many airlines a pilot must eat a different meal than his counterpart to minimize the risk a food-related illnesses compromising the flight.

Packaging Before Storing into Fridge

The cooked food will now be chilled in special fridges. they scrub up again as they prepare to assemble the meals. They start with the food that is to be reheated on the plane, it goes into foiled containers, smaller containers inside help to control the portion sizes. They are careful not to over fill it to avoid spillage. Some sauce and generous double butter; and you have the makings of a first-class meal! they put the lids on and make sure to wend them.

From Cooking to Serving everything is Discussed

with each menu change the chefs meet with airline representatives, they serve up sample dishes and discuss the ingredients with them. its after a lot of negotiation before a menu is settled on. Every detail is planned right down to the plates & bowls, and how they're going to be arranged on the serving tray. it takes a bit arranging to make everything perfect. once they come up with the spot for everything they follow that formula in the kitchen.As with any meal, presentation counts for a lot, of course meals for passengers in the economy section are more simple, and the planning less detailed.

Stored to Serve Same Day

Food laden trays all goes to trolley and then they roll into a big refrigerated room where they are arranged according to the flight number, they won't be here for long because every meal is made to be served that day. all the groundwork is sure to pay off once the passengers are in flight because this is food of high quality.


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