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Preserved Brussels Sprouts

Updated on November 12, 2012

What You Need

Brussels Sprouts

Water (unchlorinated)

Wine Vinegar

Olive Oil


Canning Jars & Lids

What To Do

  1. Clean the brussels sprouts and soak them for 5 minutes in boiling water.
  2. Pack them in jars with a mixture of equal parts water and wine vinegar.
  3. Top off with a layer of olive oil and close the jars.
  4. Rinse the brussels sprouts before you eat them.

Interesting Facts

Brussels sprouts stalks can produce up to 3 lbs.

The best time to harvest brussels sprouts is after a good frost.

The Netherlands is the largest producer of brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts is in the Brassica family- which contains sulforaphane, a chemical with potent anti-cancer properties.


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