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Presto 05466 ProFry Stainless-Steel Dual-Basket Immersion-Element 12-Cup Deep Fryer Review

Updated on July 26, 2010

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“This is a really nice fryer. I’ve used it to make French fries, fried veggies, and other different foods. This unit works so much better than when I was using a pot to do my frying. It’s so much cleaner and safer.”

“This fryer’s temperature can get really high. It goes up to 375 degrees while other fryers can only get up to 350. I’ve fried donuts and bread with this and they’ve all turned out great. The pot is pretty deep so you can fit quite a bit of food in there. I’m very happy to have bought this.”

“I’ve been using this fryer for awhile now and I’ve had no problems with it. It’s easy to use and it’s easy to clean. I also got this on Amazon for a good price so I’m happy.”

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If you are a true lover of fried foods, then you need to get your own fryer. No need to go wasting money at restaurants buying fried food when you can do it right in your own home. One of the top home fryers is the Presto 05466 ProFry Stainless-Steel Dual-Basket Immersion-Element 12-Cup Deep Fryer.

The Presto 05466 ProFry is not your typical fryer. This is a very professional looking fryer that can really fry up a lot of food. The dual baskets allow you to fry two different types of food at once. This will save you a lot of time when you are cooking for a large number of people. This unit also has a thermostat that lets you change the temperatures according to how hot you want to fry your food. The cover can be used as a splash shield when you put your food into the flyer by preventing oil was splashing all over your counter.


  • 12-cup professional-style deep fryer with 2 long baskets
  • 1800-watt immersion element for quick preheating and fast oil recovery time
  • Adjustable thermostat; oil-ready indicator light; cover acts as a spatter shield
  • Heating element and enameled pot remove easily for quick cleanup


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