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Principles and Guidelines in Buying Foods

Updated on October 29, 2009


Guidelines in Buying Fresh Foods

The main consideration in choosing any food is quality. Here are some guidelines for judging the freshness and wholesomeness of foods to enable you to get the most nutrition for your money.


1.      All poultry should be plump, well formed and have a fresh odor.

2.      The skin should be soft, not too thick, and lack pinfeathers.

3.      A frozen poultry should not have any frozen liquid with it.


1.              The fleshy tissue is clean, compact and red in color.

2.      The fat is white and the meat is yellowish and creamy.

3.      It should not have unwanted odor.

4.      I should have a fine and firm texture.

5.      Young cow should have pinkish bone, if old, it is grayish and coarse.

6.      Fat and skin are evenly layered.

7.              Cuts from the least used muscles are usually the most tender.


1.      The flesh is pinkish-gray in color.

2.              The bones should have a red tinge.

3.      The meat is compact and does not separate.

4.      The texture is fine and firm.

5.      Layered fats are soft, oily and white in color.

6.              It should not have an unpleasant odor.

7.              Young, lean cuts are best.


1.   Scale is firmly attached to the vein.

2.   Fish should have bright red or pink gills covered with clear slime.

3.   It should look clean and have a pleasant odor.

4.   Fresh fish should bounce back when poked.

5.   Skin should be shiny and tight.

6.   Eyes should be clear and bulging.

Fruits and vegetables

1.   They should be fresh, in season, and should cost less.

2.   They should be ripe but not over ripe.

3.   Skin/ leaves should be damage-free.

4.   Fruits and vegetables should be crispy.

5.   Select those which are firm and well-shaped.


1.   They should be free from molds.

2.   They should not have unpleasant odor.

3.   Choose those with bigger grains.

4.   They should be free from weevils.


1.   Buy only clean, unbroken eggs.

2.   Blood spots and cloudy whites indicate that the egg is very fresh.

Canned goods and processed foods

1.   Buy those with dependable labels or brands or trade marks.

2.   Check the expiration date.

3.   Packaging should not be bulging.

4.   Check label and ingredients used if it is less in preservatives.


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