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Gourmet Classic Steak Knife Set

Updated on February 8, 2018

Gourmet Classic Steak Knife Set Review

A specialist retailer of cookware and kitchenware, Procook, is passionate about offering service and quality of their innovative products. Designed by experts, the manufacturer brings in the Gourmet Classic Steak Knife Set and claims that this is an essential addition to modern kitchens for the ones looking out for a reliable steak knife. A steak knife, also a sharp table knife is usually found at modern tables’ for cutting steak. Steak knives have to be strong, durable, comfortable to hold and easy to cut with less effort while all these qualities are perfectly reflected in the design by Procook for the satisfaction of all types of customers.

Procook Italian Classic Steak Knife Set
Procook Italian Classic Steak Knife Set


The Procook Italian Classic Steak Knife set is supplied as a set of 6 knives in a neat and attractive pack. This 6-piece steak knife set, crafted in the traditional design is of professional quality and has a touch in the range of Italian Classic Knives.

Design features:

The Procook Italian Classic Steak Knife set (product code: 4447) comes as a set of 6 knives, each knife measuring 23 cm. These steak knives are manufactured by forging a single piece of carbon steel. It is well finished and the handy design makes it comfortable to use. The knives are exquisitely stone ground for toughness and are balanced properly. The result of full tang and steel rivet construction is the knife’s extraordinary strength and durability. The look of the knife is pretty simple, attractive yet of good use.

About blade and handle:

This 23 cm Italian Classic Steak Knife set crafted with a very sharp and serrated cutting edge is built according to their proven specification to last long with the same sharpness even after years of use with no more complaints of blunt knives. Handles are the most important in the design of a knife to give user a good grip while cutting steaks. Hence the stylish riveted handle of this steak knife provides smoothness and comfort when held in hand.

Not safe with dishwashers:

This Italian Classic Steak Knife set is not safe to use with dishwashers. Hence the manufacturer recommends the cleaning of knife with mild soap and warm water after which wiping with a clean cloth will make it ready for future use. This helps to maintain the sharpness and finish for a long period of time.

Age limit:

Restrictions apply to the sale of these sharp knives for any individuals under the age of 18 as per the Criminal Justice Act 1988. Hence it can be purchased only by the adults.

Knife packing and guarantee:

The steak 6 – piece knife set from Procook is neatly packed in a smart presentation box. This would make a good present for those who likes to get involved in the kitchens. A great relief to the ones planning to purchase the knife is that this product carries a 20 year guarantee given by the manufacturer.

Procook Italian Classic Steak Knife Set
Procook Italian Classic Steak Knife Set

Overall view:

Procook Italian Classic Steak Knife set is highly recommended and fantastic for its price. Among many brands with wide range of knives available, it is worth considering this 6 piece knife set and makes a great buy. This steak knife set with the touch of a traditional design, is super sharp and sleek. In a nutshell, it is a perfect knife to tackle thick slices of meat with ease as well as in fulfilling users’ expectation.

© 2018 Dionis Kuliev


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