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Product Review: Divine Deli's Decorate! Gold Stars – Making Your Baking Pretty!

Updated on August 18, 2012
Creative Commons Licence  Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Creative Commons Licence Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) | Source

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How To Make Your Cake Pretty Once You've Baked Your Cake

There are a whole lot of different kinds of home baker out there. Some like to sling a recipe together via the seat of their pants, tossing in a new ingredient if they don't have the one specified in the recipe, sometimes not even bothering with a recipe at all. Some are anally obsessive and precise, monitoring oven temperatures to the half-degree (and possibly with the assistance of an oven thermometer), and getting the Parisian platinum bars out when it comes to metric weights and measurements.

Some don't really care about the results as long as it tastes good. Some just hate baking and do it on sufferance. And some want their pies, cakes and cookies to not just taste good, but to look beautiful as well.

So, how do you like to go about decorating your delightful baked goods, once they're out of the oven and beginning to cool? Quite often, rather often indeed, I'm of the 'well, as long as it tastes okay, what does it matter?' school of thought. But there are times – usually times when I'm baking with the idea of gifting my culinary productions to someone else – that I actually do care a little bit that what I'm baking looks nice, as well as tasting like a gift from Almighty God.

So last time I was in a kitchenware store, I stopped and hovered around the cake decorations stand. And what I came away with was Divine Deli's Decorate! Gold Stars – just one out of the many, many and varied options for prettying up your baked goods on offer there. They are pretty much as described, too – tiny, cute little gold stars, shiny and about half a centimeter across, used for scattering or artfully decorating across icing or whatever sticky, tacky, edible surface you'd like.

What do they taste like? Ummm... kind of like dusty sugar. Which is quite nice, I suppose, and perfectly okay. And did more of them wind up in my tum than on the cake I bought them to decorate? Well, if I was American, I'd be taking the fifth on that!

Divine Deli have a website and you can check out their other cake decorations, even via a downloadable PDF catalogue. But for somewhere to start in your adventures in making your baking pretty (hey! That rhymes!) I'd say that their Gold Stars are a pretty, tasty and easy place to begin.


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