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Product Review: Glenryck Pacific Pilchards In Tomato Sauce – A Fishy Delight!

Updated on August 15, 2012

Something Fishy!

Public domain image.
Public domain image. | Source

How Much Should You Pay For Fish?

We all need to get more fish in our diets, right? Don't we? (I feel like we get lectured in the public domain on this subject by some nutritionist or other about twice a week at this point.) And yet it's easier said than done. As the current economic crisis has deepened, and the cost of living (and the prices of the items in your shopping basket) have jumped beyond all reasonable bounds, the price of fish has followed suit. Fancy a bit of fresh haddock? Maybe some plaice, if you have extravagant tastes? Well, be ready to dip into your overdraft, that's all I'm saying. If it's a while since you've bought any of the fruits of the sea, fresh from the fishmonger's block, then you could be in for a bit of a shock!

Well, but if fresh fish is a bit steep, then how about frozen? There's always frozen fish, right? Not quite the same thing in terms of texture, but at least fresh-flavoured and nutritious. Ah, you might want to check out the price-tags on the frozen version, also. The numbers on the freezer section haven't been frozen in time along with the goods they bear, unfortunately!

Well, if it comes to a last resort, then what are you going to do? Go and check out the canned goods aisle, that's what! Still tasty, still good for you, perhaps not the first choice but an excellent standby for all that... So what do we have here? Tinned red salmon... crikey, is that the price for that tiny tin now? Well, let's move on to tuna in vegetable oil... whew! Also not cheap! Dear old tuna, the fish of choice for economical cooks! Even the humble canned sardine commands double the price tag you might remember paying last time you purchased it. And as for the more exotic tinned fish options, the less said the better: crab, oysters, mussels, clams, squid? Don't even think about it if you value your bank balance!

So, are there any truly inexpensive healthy, fishy options, if times are tight and your pocketbook requires a little assistance? Well, even with rising prices, there's one: tinned pilchards are still – relatively – amazingly cheap. And healthy? Take a look at the list of ingredients on a can of Glenryck Pacific Pilchards In Tomato Sauce – there's 2.1g of Omega-3 per 100g of product, and a large can weighs in at 425g. What's the recommended amount of omega-3 per day? Well, the AHA suggests that eating fatty fish a couple of times a week is a good idea, anyway1: you know what to do!

1. DHA In Mind. 'How Much Do I Need?' Copyright 2006. Available at Accessed on 15/08/2012.


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