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Product Rip OFF- Lays Potato Chips

Updated on September 21, 2009

Lays Potato Chips

Contents of the New Bag
Contents of the New Bag


I will admit I do have some time on my hands due to my current employment situation. However I am really watching my spending and I am real tired of getting ripped off.

I went to the local convenience store today to buy a newspaper, and spent 99 cents on a small bag of Lays Potato Chips. I have not had chips in a very long time, and wanted to eat some with my tuna sandwich.

I was shocked when I opened the bag of chips. The bag was 3/4 empty! I measured the bag, and it measures 9 1/2 inches long and 6 inches wide. The chips only took the space of 4 inches in height and 6 inches wide.The rest of the bigger bag was empty space.

I think it cost the company more money for the labor and electric to put that small amount of product in the large bag, to make it appear bigger. As far as I am concerned that is a consumer scam.

I emailed the Frito-lay company and requested my missing chips. I have grown real tired of being scammed by the companies that operate in this country and foreign products.

Last week I sent a nice letter to Tyson Chicken to rave about their chicken breast product and they were nice enough to send me $ 4.00 in coupons. At least their bag is full of chicken.I have noticed that the cost of products are increasing and the product size has been shrinking.

I also wrote to Purdue, to tell them their chicken was fowl (no pun intended) and they sent me a $ 10.00 coupon. I will not buy Purdue products.

This is an intentional deception, to produceĀ  a larger bag with less product. The little snack bags, cost less and have more chips.

It is a shame that the business practices once known to stand for quality and product assurance is probably being run by the same people running the banks and the insurance companies.

Shame on You Frito-Lay

Green Mark shows chip level

The 99 cent Lays Potato Chip Bag
The 99 cent Lays Potato Chip Bag


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  • woody821 profile image

    woody821 4 years ago from New Hampshire United States

    I have worked for Frito-Lay for the past year and prices are driven not only by the price of oil but also by the price of corn , spices, and everything else that is needed to make a chip. Lays are hands down the best salty snack in the market.

  • profile image

    pissed_off_chip_eater 8 years ago

    i know!!! its FUCKED UP!!! they keep same price but halfed the size of ALL frito products. looked like normal frito have stayed the same but i have not seen how much is inside. really fucked up, im def not buying anymore like this and i suggest all to do the same.

  • Rainbow777 profile image

    Rainbow777 8 years ago from Florida

    you are defective and not my father, the bag was not defective, the company only fills the bag the low amount and creates the bag larger to fool the consumer, that was my point, and Frito-Lay already compensated me for catching them.