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Product review Philly Cooking Creme

Updated on June 29, 2011

A time saving new product fromPhildelphia cream cheese

Some people find cooking a dull and boring task. Others can't wait to get into the kitchen and whip up something amazing. Some have the drive and no talent for making things actually taste good. Being a cook myself for 17 years, working from Resorts to Chain Restaurants I can tell you most people out there do not know a medium steak from a medium-rare steak. That's why products like Philly Cooking Creme just might revolutionize home cooking. Now I'm not saying it's going to turn a no talent cook into an Iron Chef, but it will help them create palatable meals that their loved ones will enjoy.

I recently used the product to make a lovely Chicken and Red Pepper Penne pasta. The resulting dish was very tasty and didn't really take much prep. I think the product will help people who

A) don't have time to stand around making complex sauces

B) don't have the ability to make complex sauces

C) Just don't enjoy cooking all that much.

The product comes in a small tub, it's sort of the consistancy of dip. On the tub it says you can use recipes from the back of the tub (Or from a small booklet secured on the top of the lid) or you can heat the creme and use it as a straight sauce. The type I tried, Savory Garlic, made an excellent cream sauce for the chicken and red peppers. The creme doesn't come with a lot of salt added so if you want more you can always add it in. I was very happy with the product, it made a thick rich and flavorful sauce.

Chicken and Bell Pepper Penne using Philly Cooking Creme

1lb Boneless Skinless chicken breasts cut into bite size cubes

1/2 cup red peppers half sliced

1 onion half sliced

1 tub of Savory Garlic cooking creme

Salt and pepper to taste.


Get your Pasta Pan out, fill it with water and add salt (Remember Pasta water needs to be well salted, take a spoon and taste it if it tastes like sea-water you've salted it enough) put the heat on high.

Take a deep sautee pan and put a small amount of oil on the bottom, enough to coat the pan but not drowned the veggies. Add your peppers and onions. Let the peppers and onions sweat (You're not looking for carmalization, only translucence.) add your chicken and let it cook through (about five to six minutes.) Add your tub of cooking creme stir to mix it around for three minutes and pull the pan off the heat.

When your Pasta water is boiling add the Penne. Let the pasta boil, stirring occasionally till it cooks to Al Dente. Drain the pasta, when all the water is drained from the pasta add the pasta to the chicken and stir to get the pasta coated. Taste, adjust salt and pepper to your liking.




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    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      It is great that Philly came up with this product, as you say it will certainly help some people. My wife loves to cook and cooks really well, so I don't know that she would go for this.

    • Carolyn Moe profile image

      Carolyn Moe 6 years ago