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Protect Your BBQ With A BBQ Cover

Updated on March 20, 2011

Barbecues Are Expensive! Protect Your BBQ With A Cover Now!

 If you want your BBQ to last, you need to protect your BBQ with a cover. Barbecue covers are essential to keeping the outside of your grill free from dust, pollen, dried leaves, debris, and even bird droppings, so make sure that you protect your BBQ with a cover after every use. Exposure to extreme outdoor weather can cause the finish to rust or corrode. Protecting your grill's finish will prolong its life and save you from frequently having to wash it down. You have invested good money into your barbecue, so make sure that you protect your BBQ with a cover!

It doesn't matter if you paid fifty dollars or five hundred dollars for your barbecue, a bbq cover is an important accessory. Many barbecue manufacturers offer custom covers for each of their models, providing a proper fit that prevents the cover from blowing off during strong winds. If you can't find one for your model, many retailers provide generic covers that fit most barbecues. Be sure to choose one that has straps or ties at the bottom that can be tightened.

A quality fabric cover with waterproof PVC undercoating.
A quality fabric cover with waterproof PVC undercoating.

The Best Materials To Protect Your BBQ With A Cover

 When it comes to the quality of outdoor covers there is a wide range of materials to choose from. The most common covers are made from polyester, vinyl or canvas. Polyester is the best choice of barbecue cover as it is light in weight and is durable during any type of weather or season.  It can stand up to the extreme heat of summer, heavy rain or the frosty temperatures of winter. The polyester is usually coated with chemicals, making it durable and resistant to ultraviolet rays and water.

If you do choose a vinyl cover for your barbecue, pick one that is at least 12 gauge vinyl. Anything lighter than this is going to break down quickly, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures. I happened to go the cheap route and bought a $6 vinyl cover. Within a week the somewhat sharp corners of my barbecue had put a ten inch rip in one side. Don't make the same mistake I did; go for quality!

A standard sized bbq cover available at most retail stores.
A standard sized bbq cover available at most retail stores.

An Inside Lining Will Help When You Protect Your BBQ With A Cover

 Another important feature of any barbecue cover is the inside lining. A quality lining makes a bbq cover last longer. Be careful not to choose one with a fleece lining that when damp is prone to mildew and mold. Even worse, it will attract bugs that like to live in it.

Compared to all other materials, polyester bbq covers are the best choice. They're durable and they dry quickly.

You can even get a barbecue cover that is custom tailored to your grill!
You can even get a barbecue cover that is custom tailored to your grill!

Protect Your BBQ With A Cover From A Major Brand Name Manufacturer

 Some of the top barbecue manufacturers are Char Broil, Broil King, Vermont Castings and Weber. Weber bbq covers, for their gas and charcoal grills and their smokers, are always made from a heavy duty, quality vinyl made to last years and years. Vermont Castings is among the top 3 brands of barbecue manufacturers. Their grill covers are custom tailored for their large line of stoves, barbecues and hearths. They even coordinate the order numbers of the barbecue covers to match those of their bbq products, making the ordering process extremely easy!

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