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Putting Common Sense into the Bottled Water Debate

Updated on March 26, 2010

Bottled Water - A LIttle Truth in the Drinking Water Debate

Why are so many people attacking the Bottled Water Industry? Bottled water is an 11.2 Billion industry at the time of this writing. Coca Cola the #1 Soft Drink Company in the world had revenue of $31.9 billion.

Many are making in issue over the plastic bottles filling landfills. Is anyone attacking Coca Cola over this issue? They use more bottles... the same plastic! How about any of the other soft drink manufacturers? So is the issue plastic bottles in landfills? Is it really?

Water bottles are recyclable. Soda Bottles are recyclable. So whets the real problem? Sounds to me like it’s more of an issue of social responsibility than pollution.

The next attack on the Bottled Water industry is that the Bottled water is just overpriced tap water. Oh really? Just tap water? In a study by Ohio State University found that 39 out of 57 bottled water samples did indeed have "purer" water than tap water. Yes they also found that some bottled water contained bacteria in amounts higher than some tap water systems. But that’s still 68.4% chance that a bottle of water will be cleaner than tap water! And if you choose a well known and tested brand it’s clear the quality winner is the bottled water.

The claim that the FDA should regulate the industry is just another tax on the consumer. As soon as the FDA moves in the cost of bottled water will go up! So why are people so against bottled water? The Government needs to stay out of business, especially businesses that are not causing harm. Do you know anyone that has become ill from drinking bottled water?

The FDA doesn’t regulate the cosmetics industry! Cosmetics are chemicals… water is… that’s right it Hydrogen and Oxygen and impurities. Think about it. The Government does in fact regulate municipal water and well they should as those supplies are subject to tampering and contamination on a much greater level. Bottled water is processed differently. Bottled water is inherently safer. It’s not a claim, it’s a fact!

It doesn’t matter if you believe it’s healthier or not, it’s simply more pure and it tastes a whole lot better.

Sure many brands of bottled water come from municipal water supplies. So what? The water is then further filtered to remove impurities. Municipal water ADDS impurities like Chlorine and Fluoride. There is no bodily requirement for Fluoride. Fluoride is a poison plain and simple. Another fraud perpetrated on the public by the United States Government. Most people have no idea that the Fluoride they drink is the result of a fertilizer waste product. The only way to safely remove Fluoride from Home Drinking water is through the process of Reverse Osmosis. Home water filters sold in stores like those in the BRITA AND PUR product lineup will NOT remove fluoride as the particles are too small and will simply pass through.

According to “Clinical Toxicology of Commercial products,” 5th Edition, 1984, lead is given a toxicity rating of 3 to 4, and fluoride is rated at 4 (3 = moderately toxic, 4 = very toxic). On December 7, 1992, the new EPA Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for lead was set at 0.015 ppm, with a goal of 0.0ppm. The MCL for fluoride is currently set for 4.0 ppm - that’s over 250 times the permissible level of lead.

This article is not about the dangers of Fluoride you can learn the Truth about Fluoride by visiting this research done by Dr. Donald Miller at the University of Washington

Once you educate yourself and learn the truth about Fluoride you’ll have to ask youself a serious question… do I really want to be consuming Fluoride? How about Chlorine? Do you want to drink that too? These are not vitamins and essential minerals, these are poison to the body. Yes the body can tolerate a certain amount of poisons that’s why we have a liver and an immune system. But at what point do they become over loaded?

In March of 2008 MSNBC broke a story about Pharmaceutical drugs lurking in the U.S. drinking water supply. We are talking about drugs including antibiotic, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers, sex hormones. Their research pointed out that over 41 million Americans were exposed to measurable levels of these Pharmaceutical Drugs in their drinking water supply. Remember now that these drugs are in the Tap Water… not being filtered out. Sure it’s trace amounts… but again how much can the human body take and for how long?

It’s not just people being effected it’s plant and animal life in general. How many trace toxins are entering the water supply from the cars we drive, the fertilizers we use to keep our lawns green, the intentional and unintentional pollutants created by industry?

Here are some samples from that report:

  • Officials in Philadelphia said testing there discovered 56 pharmaceuticals or byproducts in treated drinking water, including medicines for pain, infection, high cholesterol, asthma, epilepsy, mental illness and heart problems. Sixty-three pharmaceuticals or byproducts were found in the city’s watersheds.
  • The drinking water for Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas tested positive for six pharmaceuticals.
  • Three medications, including an antibiotic, were found in drinking water supplied to Tucson, Ariz.

The federal government doesn’t require any testing and hasn’t set safety limits for drugs in water. Of the 62 major water providers contacted, the drinking water for only 28 was tested. Among the 34 that haven’t: Houston, Chicago, Miami, Baltimore, Phoenix, Boston and New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection, which delivers water to 9 million people.

Kind of scary that the Federal Government doesn’t even require testing for Pharmaceuticals in the public drinking water supply, but they want to regulate the bottled water industry? Maybe they should get their ducks aligned in a row before they start hammering on private enterprise. Raising the cost of bottled water isn’t going to help people who value their health and are trying to avoid untested city water supplies.

In several cases, officials at municipal or regional water providers told the AP that pharmaceuticals had not been detected, but the AP obtained the results of tests conducted by independent researchers that showed otherwise.

Bottled water is NOT a surefire guard against contamination... to say so would be missing the point.  But at least it is a step in the right direction. And it’s proven to me to taste better! So you keep drinking your tap water and trusting a Government who doesn’t have anything but the interests of the Super Wealthy in mind. For me I’ll stick to my bottled water. I know how to recycle and I don’t mind spending an extra $10 a month to drink better water. Many Americans have lost their common sense and are putting way too much trust in a Government that continues to let them down.

And yes I know most of the Bottled Waters are owned by giant corporations like Nestle and Coca Cola. So there is no beating the beverage industry

Drinking Bottled Water

An image of Arrowhead Premium Bottled Water
An image of Arrowhead Premium Bottled Water


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  • frogyfish profile image


    8 years ago from Central United States of America

    Yes, fluoride is horrible for chlorine, bromide etc. Yes, we need to clean up our drinking-bathing-using for anything - water! Thanks for good hub info.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Drinking water and its safety is so important to all of us. The facts are hard to find. You did a great job bringing in the science. Great hub.


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