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Quick Extra Creamy Grits

Updated on January 27, 2011

Bowl of grits


Quick Extra Creamy Grits

OMG! When ever i make this recipe it is a HIT! For those who love grits, a southern staple, this is the cream of the crop, (literally). I try to use this version every time i have guests, all the extras or if i have made some type of roux based delicacy or stew. Shrimp and grits is excellent! Etouffee is also great over grits!

To me grits is like rice, very versatile and usually a crowd pleaser when it is done correctly! My extra creamy version can be made with white or yellow grits. If you are trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle i recommend using the yellow grits.

Yellow grits are less refined, therefore better for you. Hominy a coarser version of white grits is also better, any grain that is not heavily refined is better for the body. It only takes a little longer to cook but the benefits always outweigh the time it takes to cook.

Grits of any sort are really easy to cook! You can have a meal or a side item in less than ten (10) minutes!

What you will need when making a serving for six (6) people:



1 cup Heavy whipping cream

1 stick of butter

1 tsp salt (optional)

How we make it -

1. Bring water to rapid boil.

2. Slowly stir in grits

a. Actually you will follow the directions per the container.

3. Reduce the heat to low until grits are cooked.

4. Turn off the heat stir in the butter, cream and salt.

The consistency of grits is up to you, so if you don't want it too thick go ahead and add water until you get the consistency you want. The great thing about grits is depending on how thick or thin it is guaranteed to taste good.

This is easy but beware cause popping hot grits is a misery if it gets on your skin. Watch the POPPING GRITS!

Here are some additional flavors.

Cheese - add one (1) cup of cheddar cheese, sharp is stronger if you like that flavor.

Enjoy! It's so versatile!

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      Soe 2 years ago

      you mentioned in this video fried Apples. can you do a video on how to make them? Thanks! I have been on your wsitbee for last two days looking at receipts that I can not wait to try out. I am so happy that I found this site!!!!!! I will let you know how my food turns out. I am a huge fan of learning how to cook food from a different prospective. This is great! Thanks again for your secrets!!!!!