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Quick Rum Punch

Updated on October 28, 2012
Punch | Source

Everything is too 'taste' nowadays.

Smart and savvy entertainers are always looking for cost effective ways to still serve up some of the best things on the planet and that includes what they drink.

For me personally Koolaid proves versatile and cost effective so i love using it as often as i can, whenever i can find it at a great price. I typically stock up!

The premixed sugary version always helps out when one is on a budget or needs something really, really quickly. They are great in individual glasses, pitchers or punch bowls. With or without alcohol, juice, fruit or something chilly added like crushed ice or Sherbet.

Yet, i find Cocktails or mixed drinks are popular. Cocktails with rum are innumerable, but that is the great thing about rum, it's versatility! You can drink it, cook it, bake with it or use it medicinally.

It's your choice!


What is it? Cocktails are defined as a alcoholic drink of 2 or more liquids, the main one some type of alcohol.

Originally? Cocktails were made of alcohol, water, sugar, and bitters,

What are the ingredients? Basic or complicated. As simple as 2 ingredients to a handful.

Evolution? Cocktails can be and are any number of liquids in an alcoholic mixed drink that contain, 1 or 2 alcohols, soda or fruit juice, sugar, honey, milk, cream and various herbs

Shaken, stirred or blended? Mixing cocktails can be done several different ways, you can even use a spoon. But mixologist will tell you gadgets can make your life simple when making a drink concoction.

Sweet, tart or ? adding lemon or lime juice, pineapple juice or cherry juice

Fruit or no? Usually personal choice, but pineapple chunks, cherries, lemon & orange slices, lead the choices

Sherbet or ice - shaved, cubed or crushed


  • rum
  • premixed koolaid


  • pineapple juice
  • cherry juice
  • strawberry, used for daiquiris

Add ice, shaved, crushed, or blocks.

Other options; frozen, cold or warm.


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