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Quick and Easy Caramel Corn

Updated on October 30, 2010

Microwave Magic at Big Pine Lodge

Microwave Caramel Corn

This is a Big Pine Lodge favorite treat with lots of good buttery calories.

First have a large brown paper grocery sack ready.

Pop up a large bowl of popcorn (about a ½ cup of unpopped kernels) and pour into paper bag.

Melt 1 stick of butter in a 2 quart pot and add 1 cup brown sugar and ¼ cup light corn syrup. Cook on medium heat stirring contantly until the mixture bubbles around the edges. Remove from heat and add ½ teaspoon of baking soda and stir rapidly. The mixture will foam up. Keep stirring until the foaming stops (10 – 15 seconds) then pour this over the popcorn in the bag. Roll up the top of the bag and shake a lot. Stuff the bag in the microwave and give it 90 seconds on high. Shake the bag again a bunch and give it another 60 seconds on high. Empty the bag onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet and let it cool. Then break apart and enjoy! And next time, for a Cracker Jack idea, add some peanuts or mixed nuts to the popcorn first.

Debra Chapoton, author of EDGE OF ESCAPE

Caramel Corn and a Suspense Novel

Edge of Escape
Edge of Escape

Brilliant but emotionally impaired Eddie has fixated on popular Rebecca. He abducts her and then tries to be her rescuer as she escapes his traps. Will she accept his fragile devotion or reject his special love? Stalking gets a sympathetic twist.


Carmel Corn and a Good Kids' Book

Bigfoot Day, Ninja Night: Spooked in the Woods
Bigfoot Day, Ninja Night: Spooked in the Woods

Anna and her friends skip the school fair to explore the woods behind the playground. They find evidence of a Sasquatch then can’t find their way out of the woods. Things get worse when they take shelter in what might be Bigfoot’s nest.

In the second story Luke and his brother, Nick, go on a boys only camping trip, but things get weird and scary very quickly. Is there a ninja in the woods with them? Mysterious things happen as day turns into night.



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