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Quick and Easy Recipes - with canned biscuits

Updated on December 8, 2012
Canned Biscuit Recipes
Canned Biscuit Recipes | Source

Quick and Easy Recipes

I love to cook, but sometimes I prefer quick and easy recipes. I know I’m not alone here. Some busy moms and dads simply can’t afford the time it takes to make complicated, involved dishes for their families. And lets’ face it – some people just can’t cook, and those folks need recipes that are easy to follow and almost impossible to mess up. Am I right? Sure, I often spend a lot of time in my kitchen on complicated meals, but not always. Heck, everyone deserves a break now and then. The recipes and suggestions I’m sharing with you here today are all simple, and they can be prepared and cooked in almost no time. Best of all, you’re practically guaranteed success! All these creations passed the most important test of all – the taste test. The foundation for each of these dishes is refrigerated biscuit dough. Wait – don’t turn up your nose until you at least give them a chance. Now go to the store and purchase some canned biscuits and a couple of other ingredients and make these tasty concoctions yourself. I think you and your family will agree that all of my quick and easy recipes described here are yummy!

Canned Biscuit Recipes

It’s extremely rare for us to eat canned biscuits as baked biscuits because I make great homemade buttermilk biscuits. The canned version can’t hold a candle to my made-from-scratch version. I have found, however, that the canned dough is great for lots of quick and easy recipes. Some of my canned biscuit recipes include fried fruit pies, fried chocolate pies, fried sandwiches, meat pies, donuts, crullers, and fried bread. And, of course, lots of cooks use canned biscuits to make pull-apart monkey bread, especially during the holidays.

Canned biscuit recipes are a lot more versatile than you might think. You can use the dough for savory or sweet concoctions, for breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, appetizers, or easy desserts. And, by the way, I always use the cheap store brand biscuits for my creations. The more expensive refrigerated biscuits are often in lots of flaky layers, and those don’t seem to stay together as well as the cheaper brands during the frying process.

Place ham and cheese on a flattened biscuit.
Place ham and cheese on a flattened biscuit. | Source
Add another biscuit on top and seal edges together.
Add another biscuit on top and seal edges together. | Source
Fry in hot oil.
Fry in hot oil. | Source
Meat Pies with ham and cheese
Meat Pies with ham and cheese | Source

Meat Pies

It’s easy to turn leftovers and canned biscuits into yummy meat pies. By the way, I’m including meat sandwiches here. We had a late dinner tonight, and I was going to make myself a ham and cheese sandwich. Then I noticed a can of biscuits in the fridge and I decided to do some experimenting. I called to hubby in the man cave to ask if he was hungry, and he said he was. I went to work. I opened up the can of biscuits and separated them onto waxed paper. I flattened out two biscuits and topped one with sliced sandwich ham and a slice of jalapeno cheddar cheese. I placed the second biscuit on top of the first and crimped the edges together with a fork. I fried the meat pies in deep oil until they were golden brown. They were delicious! Mmm…the cheese was all hot and melty and gooey.

I’m going to be making more versions of this meat pie. I think I’ll try some sliced pepperoni with a little marinara sauce and some grated mozzarella next time. I think this would work great with turkey and Swiss, too. Next time I have some leftover cooked ground beef, I’m going to use it this way, too. I think I’ll add some cheddar cheese to the beef, along with some sautéed onions. Yum!

Fry bread in hot oil.
Fry bread in hot oil. | Source
Roll the bread knots in parmesan mixture.
Roll the bread knots in parmesan mixture. | Source

Fried Bread

I used some of the biscuit dough tonight for a version of fried bread. I went with some typical Italian flavors, and we really liked the results. I called them “parmesan knots.” They’re easy to make, and I’m sure they’d be great with spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine Alfredo, and other Italian dishes.

Parmesan Bread Knots

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Cook Time

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 10 min
Ready in: 15 min
Yields: makes 10 bread knots


  • 1 can refrigerated biscuits
  • oil for frying
  • 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
  • 1 teaspoon Lawry's garlic salt with parsley
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried basil


  1. Separate biscuits on a sheet of waxed paper. Roll each biscuit into a long “snake” and tie into a knot.
  2. Fry knots in deep oil at around 350-360 degrees, until both sides are golden brown.
  3. While biscuits are frying, combine parmesan cheese, garlic salt, onion powder, and basil.
  4. When bread is done, remove from oil and place on paper towels. While still hot, roll or shake knots in cheese mixture.
Easy Desserts can include crullers.
Easy Desserts can include crullers. | Source

Easy Desserts

It seems that folks are always looking for easy desserts. Maybe they spend so much time and energy on the rest of a meal that dessert is sometimes sort of an afterthought. Yeah, I guess I’m guilty of that sometimes, myself. With canned biscuit recipes, however, you can make easy desserts that are also delicious. The dough has already been made for you, and you can use it as pie crust, tart crust, donuts, cinnamon rolls, crullers, or monkey bread. The refrigerated biscuits also lend themselves nicely for fried pies. The round shape makes them easy to roll into flat disks that serve as the crusts. Fill them with whatever you like! Try fruit filling, pumpkin pie filling, or chocolate. If you have some canned sweet potatoes on hand, mash the yams and add sugar and spices to use as a filling. You might also like a filling of chopped nuts and honey. Think outside the box sometimes!

donuts ready for frying
donuts ready for frying | Source

How to Make Donuts

Making donuts is super quick and easy with canned biscuits. You won’t believe how easy this recipe for donuts is until you give it a try yourself. Just separate the biscuits onto a sheet of waxed paper and cut a hole from the center of each. I used a medicine bottle for this. Fry the donuts in oil at medium heat. When one side is light brown, flip the donuts over so that the other side can brown. Drain the donuts on paper towels and toss or sprinkle with powdered sugar. Sometimes hubby likes me to ice some of the donuts with chocolate frosting. I make these easy donuts sometimes for breakfast, and I eat mine plain, with no sugary topping at all. They’re great with a nice hot cup of coffee!

You can use this same strategy to make fried crullers. Just roll a biscuit between your palms to form a snake. Flatten the snake into a long, flat strip. Twist the strip and pinch the seams together slightly. Fry in the oil until the crullers are brown. Shake or roll in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar.

Fried Pies

My mom used to make wonderful fried fruit pies. She’d make her own flaky crust and her own fruit fillings. Yes, I’ve done that, too, and I still make fried pies from scratch sometimes. When I’m in the mood for easy desserts or quick and delicious snacks, however, I often turn to canned biscuit dough. You can fill the dough with practically anything you want. For fried fruit pies, use canned filling like apple, blueberry, or cherry. If you don’t have any fruit pie filling on hand, try filling the biscuits with jam or preserves. Something else you might want to try is a filling made with canned fruit filling and cream cheese. Another great filling for fried fruit pies is a mixture of apple pie filling and shredded cheddar cheese.

Chocolate Fried Pies
Chocolate Fried Pies | Source

Chocolate Fried Pies

My grandkids absolutely love these chocolate fried pies! Four of the grands come to my house after school several days a week, and when I have fried pies waiting for them as their afternoon snacks, they get super excited. My oldest granddaughter, Lexi, swears that my chocolate pies are her favorite dessert of all time. Who am I to argue with a nine year old?

To make chocolate fried pies, all you’ll need are some canned biscuits, some chocolate chips, and some oil for frying. Once the pies are done, you might want to coat them in powdered sugar or add some sprinkles. If you like, you can add frosting, a white glaze, or a drizzle of melted chocolate.

Open the can of biscuits and separate them into individual servings on waxed paper. Flatten them into thin disks. Near the center of each, place two or three teaspoonfuls of chocolate chips. We like milk chocolate chips for this, but you might prefer dark chocolate chips or semi-sweet chocolate chips. After adding the chocolate, fold the biscuits over and close the edges together with a fork. Fry in deep oil until the little pies are light brown. Drain on paper towels. Glaze, frost, drizzle, or sprinkle the pies. For a decadent dessert, serve the chocolate fried pies with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. People won't believe these were made with one of your quick and easy recipes!

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    • las81071 profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow that is a lot of different things. I have made donuts and pigs n a blanket and little mini pizzas

      Thanks I may use a few of these

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      6 years ago

      Habee, Great quick yummy ideas! Peace & Blessings!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      6 years ago from south Florida

      I especially like your recipe, Holle, for the Parmesan nuts, I mean knots. They are next on my cooking attempts agenda.

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 

      6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Great ideas. My girls used to love eating the fried dough rolled in powered sugar. The chocolate fried pies sound like something I will have to try.

    • Austinstar profile image


      6 years ago from Somewhere near the heart of Texas

      Chocolate, fried and pies! My favorite foods. Yummmmmmmy.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I voted for the chocolate pie. Love the ones at Arby's, but you really need a choice for all of the above!

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      Lots of good ideas here with just a can of biscuits. We all get in a bind sometimes and keeping a can packed away is an awesome idea. Thanks for the great recipes. Voting UP


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