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Quinoa Veggie Patty Burgers

Updated on March 6, 2012
Quinoa whole grain
Quinoa whole grain | Source

Qunoa Veggie Patties

Preparing healthy, non-meat dishes for your family does not mean taste and creativity have to be compromised. Quinoa is a fine grain of the Chenopodium quinoa plant species, native to South America. As an ancient grain, Quinoa has long been a staple food source that recently acquired fame as a super-grain in the United States for its highly nutritional qualities, including essential amino acids, calcium and iron.

Quinoa's subtle nutty flavor and ease of preparation makes it a rather versatile food. Left in whole grain form, it makes a suitable substitute to rice or couscous in a main course. Ground to a flour, quinoa competitively presents as a nearly all-purpose flour for many food preparations, including soups, gravies, batters and breads.

The Recipe

This quinoa veggie patty recipe combines simple ingredients into a quick food packed with flavor.

1-lb bag Quinoa Flour

Freshly chopped vegetables


Spices and seasonings

Olive oil

Select fresh vegetables in any combination of choice, such as:






green beans



Chop them into small cubes.

Add the quinoa flour to a bowl.

Mix in enough water until it has a peanut butter consistency. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Add spices and seasonings. An all-purpose, salt-free seasoning works well, and add in freshly chopped basil, thyme, sage, mint, oregano, and/or rosemary.

Mix in the fresh vegetables with a spoon.

The taste of the veggie patty can be as different as the ingredients added to the mix. Experiment with flavored themes, such as barbecue, Asian, Indian or Carribean, since the quinoa serves as an excellent base for to marry together many flavors.

Pan fry or bake the veggie patties.

Heat up a frying pan, and drizzle in a little olive oil. Spoon in the quinoa veggie mix into patty-sized portions. As the heat infuses the patty mix, it binds and shapes up into a unified patty.

For the oven preparation, grease a cookie sheet or pan with olive oil. Spoon the quinoa mix into patty portions, and place in an oven preheated to 400-degrees Fahrenheit. Bake until the patty is firm and golden brown.

The Service

Now here is where the quinoa veggie patty gets interesting. It makes a tasty burger substitute, and since the recipe's easy modifications allows for flavor variations, no two patty have to be alike. So, away with the bland veggie patty of yesterday. Serve it on a bun with all of the favorite toppings, and enjoy.

Liberate the patty from the bun by serving it on a bed of sauteed spinach marinated tomatoes, or drizzle the patty with a favorite sauce as it rests upon a fresh salad. Make a quinoa veggie patty casserole and layer it in with your favorite casserole ingredients. Serve it as a steak substitute, glazed with barbecue or General Tsao sauce and served over rice, pasta or couscous.

The options are endless as people discover the interest they can add to any lunch or dinner menu with a little water and quinoa flour.


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    • Naima Manal profile imageAUTHOR

      Naima Manal 

      6 years ago from NY

      Thank you, livingpah2004. Garbanzo beans flour has a delightful flavor as a patty, and there are so many ways to make a veggie patty. Thank you, and enjoy!

    • livingpah2004 profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      I make same vegetable patty with garbanzo beans flour. Good to know that I can make it with quinoa flour. Thanks for posting it. Voted up and shared with friends.

    • Naima Manal profile imageAUTHOR

      Naima Manal 

      6 years ago from NY

      I really like how the patties hold together without having to add eggs or anything else, when you use the quinoa flour. They are very good and very nutritious. Thank you.

    • alocsin profile image


      6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Sounds yummy. Never thought to do this with quinoa. Voting this Up and Useful.

    • Naima Manal profile imageAUTHOR

      Naima Manal 

      6 years ago from NY

      You're very welcome, and my family loves them.

    • SanneL profile image


      6 years ago from Sweden

      This quinoa veggie patty recipe sounds very tasty and so healthy!

      Bookmarking for future use.

      Thanks for sharing this great recipe with us.


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