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Really Quick and Easy Dessert

Updated on July 29, 2016

Everyone deserves to reward themselves with something sweet, from time to time, but sometimes it can be very exhausting buying too many ingredients and spending all that time preparing it.There is no more need for that. You can enjoy in your dessert without having to spend all day making it.There are a lot of recipes you can use when you need something sweet, but you don`t have time to spare.This is that kind of recipe which offers easy and sweet meal. Also, this dessert is really cheap,but not at the expense of taste.


This is a great recipe that I found in my mother`s recipe book. It uses 7 ingredients you probably already have:

1. 1 cup of sugar,

2. 1 glass of water (or

3. 150 g ground biscuit,

4. 100 g milled walnuts,

5. 200 g coconut flour,

6. 250 g butter and

7. 100 g cooking chocolate.


Heat a glass of water in a saucepan until it boils, add one cup of sugar, and stir with a spoon until it get melted.In melted sugar add biscuit, walnuts, coconut flour and butter, and stir until just combined. Than split mixture into two parts.

In one half of the mixture add melted chocolate and mix until combined. The other half remains the same, so we get a white and a black half. First, roll out the white half, On a flat surface. Then, on the white half, roll out the black one. Roll tightly both parts and than cut into slices.

Yes, that`s all you have to do to make something really sweet and tasteful, but cheap and economical. Enjoy your dessert!


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