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RUTHORA'S SUGARED PEANUTS - A quick, easy and delicious peanut snack

Updated on February 20, 2014
Sugared Peanuts
Sugared Peanuts | Source

This is the second hub addition to my favorite nut recipes. The great thing about this recipe is that it is extremely simple to make, takes very few ingredients and hardly any prep time, but it is very scrumptious. My sister-in-law's step-grandmother gave me this recipe about 10 years ago and it has been a staple snack recipe in my house ever since. These sweet, crunchy peanuts are awesome to give as gifts, take on a hike, stash in your purse for a long drive or bike ride, to set out for a party, anything! If you are a peanut lover, like myself, you will not be able to resist these little snack is good to share (some of) them with others because if you keep them in your house, you will end up eating every one!

Sugared Peanuts Ingredients

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 cups raw peanuts


  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Butter a cookie sheet and set aside.
  2. Dissolve sugar in water over medium heat. Once sugar is dissolved, add the raw peanuts (do not use dry roasted - you need the raw with the skins on them). Stir the nuts and sugar mixture together over medium heat until all the water is gone and sugar crystals are adhering to the nuts.
  3. Pour the peanut mixture onto the prepared cookie sheet, spreading to create one layer. Place in oven and bake, stirring every 5 minutes for 35 to 40 minutes. Remove nuts from oven and allow to cool completely. Store in an airtight container. *Note: The peanuts will have a beautiful, pink champagne color to them after they have cooked and cooled due to the peanut skins from the raw peanuts. If you use dry roasted peanuts, the flavor, texture and color will not be the must use raw peanuts in this recipe.
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Raw peanuts
Raw peanuts | Source
peanuts boiling in water and sugar mixture
peanuts boiling in water and sugar mixture | Source
peanuts just poured onto cookie sheet to be baked
peanuts just poured onto cookie sheet to be baked | Source

Fun Fact: George Washington Carver developed more than 300 different uses for the peanut, ranging from food products to cosmetics, axle grease to insecticides.

For more interesting information on George Washington Carver and his advancement of the peanut, check out this very informative website:


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    • sallieannluvslife profile image

      sallieannluvslife 5 years ago from Eastern Shore

      Hi Gail! I do hope you try this recipe...they are such a great jar is empty so I will be making more once I am able to get to Virginia for more peanuts....let me know how you like them!

    • Gail Meyers profile image

      Gail Meyers 5 years ago from Kansas City - United States

      Yum is right. Those look delicious. I love peanuts, too. I'm going to have to try this. Thanks!

    • sallieannluvslife profile image

      sallieannluvslife 5 years ago from Eastern Shore

      pstraubie48 - Thanks for the Angel send!! :) I do hope you try these peanuts and then let me know how you like them....I just checked out some of your hubs and your recipes look delightful - can't wait to read more!

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      Yum....these look divine. I love peanuts. One of my favorite ways is boiled but this looks like it might become a new favorite.

      I am bookmarking this to add to my files.

      Thanks for sharing and making me hungry!!

      Sending Angels to you this evening.:) ps