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Raw Organic Chocolate Almond Milk

Updated on January 22, 2014

Why this drink is so good for you

First off, the almonds. When you get them raw and organic, you are not only avoiding the regular mess of carcinogens found in pesticides, but your also getting one of the best all around foods on the planet. Almonds are loaded with vitamins and pack a good calorie punch. Just check out the nutritional facts here:

Cacao is said to have the ability to detox the body of heavy metals through the very high concentration of antioxidants along with its alleged ability to raise good cholesterol and lower bad. It also boost several feel good chemicals in your brain. Which is pretty awesome.

Honey is Anti-Bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-biotic. Like Cacao it improves HDL Cholesterol and is packed with antioxidants which eliminates free radicals in the blood which prevents heart disease. So there's that.

Cinnamon has many abilities in common with honey and is loaded with fiber. I recommend a Ceylon cinnamon, which is strain from India that has superior qualities.

Then there is natural spring water which speaks for itself.

Getting good ingredients.

Before we go into the actual recipe, I would first like to talk about the importance of quality ingredients.

The reason I ventured into making this creation in the first place rested on two main desires. The desire to make a drink that packed a good nutrient punch, and a desire to detox. With that being said, I would like to stress the importance of quality ingredients. Your going to need Almonds, Cacao, water and honey with cinnamon being optional. It is not enough to go and grab any pack of almonds off the shelf, the honey that comes in the bear shaped bottle, and the 'famous brand name' cocoa. Most of all, no tap water!

The almonds need to be raw and organic. The baking process will denature some of the good stuff we are looking for.

Same thing with the cacao. Cocoa is a processed form of cacao. You lose great stuff in the transition.

Honey should be purchased from a local organic farmer that doesn't cook down the honey. The honey should be hard and gritty and slightly less sweet.

The most important thing is the water. Most tap water contains fluoride, which, if you haven't got the memo yet, is a very nasty poison. Though there isn't enough to kill us in drinking it day to day, there is more than enough to effect us in very impactful ways. Fluoride stores like a heavy metal in your body, mostly in a very special gland in your brain. So try to go to an approved natural spring to get your water.

Time to Cook!. Actually... Time to not Cook!

Prep time: 10 min
Ready in: 10 min
Yields: About 24 ounces or three servings


  • 1 Cup Almonds, Raw Organic
  • 1/3 Cup Cacao, Raw Organic
  • 2 Tbsp Honey, Raw Organic
  • 3 Cups Water, Natural Spring
  • 1 Tsp Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic

The Process

  1. Soak the almonds at least overnight, if not a day or two. This is said to make the milk much creamier, which will give it that smooth consistency
  2. Throw everything all together in a GOOD blender like a ninja or an Oster and blend in good. Blend it well
  3. Poor the mixture through a cheesecloth or other fine strainer.
  4. Boom. Your done. Drink some. Then refrigerate the rest. Try to finish it within a couple days as it is raw and organic and will go faster than a regular gallon of milk.
  5. Save the almond meal! Bake it, throw it in oatmeal or eat it right out of the mixture. This is too good to toss out!

What do you think? Is it good, or nah?

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