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Drink Raw Milk - Bizarre, but Healthy

Updated on July 26, 2012

What is raw milk?

Raw milk is milk the way it was produced and consumed for thousands of years, before modern processing. The milk is taken from a cow or goat, strained, bottled, and refrigerated. The milk is NOT pasteurized or homogenized. Pasteurization is the process of heating milk to kill bacteria. Homogenization is the process of forcing the milk through a fine mesh to break the fat molecules into smaller particles. The cream in raw milk naturally rises to the top of the container, and must be shaken before consumption. The cream in homogenized milk remains evenly dispersed and does not need to be shaken.

Why not drink conventional milk?

First, let's stat off for why NOT to drink pasteurized and homogenized milk. Pasteurization not only kills bad bacteria, it also kills good bacteria, also known as probiotics. Yogurts, for example, have probiotics, or healthful bacteria which aid in the digestion of food and healthy bowels. I have been drinking raw milk for years and years, and never once gotten ill from it, not even an upset stomach. Pasteurization also kills the enzymes in raw milk.

Homogenization is said to allow the fat particles to be absorbed through the walls of the digestive tract undigested. Homogenization and pasteurization are said to be the reasons some people do not tolerate milk well. Supposedly some lactose intolerant people are able to drink raw milk without any issues.

Conventional milk from modern grocery stores also comes from cows who are treated with growth hormones, and traces of these hormones can be found in the milk. The cows are also fed diets of grain, which is high in Omega 6 fatty acids and very low in Omega 3, the fatty acids found in fish and flax seed. Omega 3 is scientifically proven to enhance brain, eye, and heart function, improve skin and hair, to basically enhance every function of your body and mind. Conventional milk is then pumped through pipes in a factory and Vitamins A and D are added.

Why drink raw milk?

Raw milk has several significant advantages. It comes from healthy animals with better diets and lifestyles. Raw cow's milk often comes from grass-fed Jersey cows, which produce a higher milk fat content. A grass-fed diet produces higher levels of Omega 3 and Vitamin A in the milk. For example, grass-fed butter is naturally yellow because the Vitamin A from grass adds color. Conventional butter is pale and white, lacking nutrients. Raw milk also has healthy bacteria and can even be consumed when it turns sour. The biggest downsides are availability and price.

Where can I find raw milk?

Raw milk is difficult to source. It is illegal in most states for fear of illness, which is hugely exaggerated. Let's not forget, outbreaks of salmonella occur from raw spinach at salad bars. Do you only eat cooked spinach?

It is available in stores in Connecticut, California, and New Mexico, and available at farms in other states. Please visit the link below for assistance in finding the nearest location. I am fortunate enough to live in Connecticut and buy the milk in town, which costs $7 per half gallon.


Raw milk sounds unnecessary and ridiculous to anyone who has not read about it or tried it. Don't forget, all milk consumed throughout thousands of years of human history was raw. It is not that weird. It is milk straight out of the animal, the way nature intended it to be. Try it, it makes you feel physically and mentally stronger.


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