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Celebration Beans with Splenda

Updated on February 22, 2010

 Celebration Beans using Splenda and Bush Baked Beans

I will disclose another one of my secrets that have endeared me to my family and friends and tell you about my recipe for  Celebration Beans. Let’s start with a list of ingredients needed:

1) ¼ cup of Splenda Brown Sugar blend

2) 1 tsp Adobo seasoning

3) 1 tsp kosher salt

4) 1tsp ground black pepper

5) 1 large whole yellow onion

6) 1 large green pepper (Optional you can add 1 3oz can chopped green chilies as well)

7) 1 gallon Bush baked beans (Regular)

8) ½ cup spicy brown mustard

9) ¼ cup Worcestershire sauce

10)2 tblsp cup crushed fresh garlic

11) ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

12) 1lbs diced pork (Chops, Blade Steak, Country Ribs, Bottom Roast, or Pork Loin)

13) ½ cup bar-b-q sauce of your choice (Optional)

Preparation: First: Wash your hands well with an anti-bacterial soap, now you can begin to start mixing the ingredients for the Celebration beans, some of the best beans that ever passed across your lips….

Remove the onion skin and cut off the ends. Then clean the inside of the green pepper (removing the seed pods and white membrane). Now chop the vegetables into ¼” cubes. In a 5qt pan place ¼ cup olive oil, and the chopped vegetables on medium heat. Cook until the vegetables are caramelized. It's time to add the diced pork and fresh garlic( you may add diced green chili’s or jalapeño peppers for a little kick if you wish), simmer until braised and well blended. Add the beans and liquid from the can into the pan, cook on low to medium heat until simmering. Stir the beans gently to prevent them from sticking, but be careful not to over stir the will end up with bean soup. Add the Worcestershire sauce, ½ cup bar-b-q sauce if you wish, mustard and ¼ cup Splenda brown sugar. Stir to mix the ingredients and simmer for 5 minutes. Now turn off heat and allow flavors to meld together (Best if you can make them the night before and let them meld overnight). When you are ready to serve bring back to temperature slowly so as not to burn them. You will love the taste. I hope you will find this recipe useful, good luck and enjoy these great Celebration Beans.



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