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Reasons NOT To Drink Soda

Updated on December 29, 2011
Soda is a lot worse for us than it may seem
Soda is a lot worse for us than it may seem

Soda And Everything Its Bad For

Many people know that soda is bad for us but its still being drunk excessively! We need to stop this abnormal consumption of soda!

1) They Make You Fat

Americans drink over 50 Gallons of soda per year! So, lets work it out. If you drink Coke Classic at 96 calories a can, this much for a year, thats 77, 300 Calories every year! The unsettling fact is that many, many people drink more than this every year. Peoples health is in serious danger. These calories turn into major amounts of fat, being piled onto our bodies. This is evidently not good for ourselves!

2) Its Bad For Our Teeth

Everyone knows this. Soda is really bad for our teeth. The acid and the sugar in the drink destroys the enamel in your teeth and slowly dissolves your tooth away, bit by bit. Everyone has been told by the dentist but many of us just don't care to listen. Eventually, most of us are going to have surgery, and no one likes getting a piece of metal shoved down their throat!

3) Soda Is Bad For Our Blood Pressure

Drinking soda around once every two days has shown to increase blood pressure drastically over time. This was shown in a study, conducted in March 2011.

4) 10% of Most Soda Is Banned

About 10% of the biggest brands of soda contain brominated vegetable oil (BVO) which is banned by the World Health Orginization (WHO) and by over 100 countries.

5) Many Sodas Lead To Diabetes

A study showed that many non-diet sodas can lead to Type 2 Diabetes which is a life long problem, which stays with you for the rest of your life. Not fun right?

6) Cola Can Lead To Kidney Stones

Studies have found that drinking 2 or more Colas a day can lead to kidney stones. Many, many Americans drink over this amount. Doing so can cause a recurrence in kidney stones, needing frequent medical treatment.

7) Water Is Wasted

It can take up to 132 GALLONS to produce a 2 litre bottle of soda. This is ruining our environment drastically. When a Coca-Cola factory opened in India, the water levels there fell 18 feet due to the factory. This caused far too many deaths, and major protests in India.

8) Soda Means Fuel

The transport required to get soda, from the farmers to the factory, from the factory to the shops, from the shops to your homes, the fuel amount is immense. If you give up soda, you'll be saving the environment and helping stop Global Warming.

9) It Costs A LOT of Money

If you buy the 50 Gallons of soda at a vending machine (many of us do) and do the maths, that'll total out at around $550. Even if you bought it at a local shop, that would equal around $243. If you put this into a retirement home with 7% interest rate as a young adult, after 30 years, it would total at $60, 000.

10) The Health Costs Total Up

Eventually, you will start to realise that the constant drinking will cause you major health problems, these problems cost money in terms of health bills. In our current financial situation, most of us don't have the money to pay for this. Your better off without it.

There Are Other Substitutes:

Its not only about giving up and just "not drinking" there are so many other, healthy, options to substitute in place for soda. Water is by far the healthiest option. But like me, many people aren't that big fans of water, so why not try sprucing it up! You could add:

  • Acidic Fruits (Orange, Lemon…)
  • Mint
  • Salt
  • Cucumber
  • Berries

You could also try having other healthy options instead of soda:

  • Lemonade (Add raspberry for Pink Lemonade)
  • Homemade Iced Tea
  • Fresh Juices
  • Vegetable Juice (If you're into that stuff)
  • Coffee & Tea

I hope all these reasons finally get you off that soda craze and that you've finally realised the hard facts and dirty stuff about soda.

If you ever want help quitting, just talk to your local doctor or dentist. They'll help you.

Enjoy :)


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    • christaktak profile image

      christaktak 6 years ago from London, UK

      Your welcome :) When I stopped it was hard as everyone I lived with was obsessed with soda. But at least they're finally cutting down. Also, just after I called it quits, I was getting a few headaches as I used soda to calm myself down when stressed and then I had nothing.

      Thanks for the lovely welcome


    • profile image

      Arlene V. Poma 6 years ago

      Good reminders. I can live without soda, too. I don't drink beer, wine or hard liquor, so I'll have a soda now and then while everyone else is drinking. I only finish half of it and drink plenty of water afterwards. I had a 10-year, 4-a-day Mountain Dew habit because Mountain Dew was the only soda at the time with the strongest caffeine kick. When I quit, the headaches killed me. Voted up and all that. Thanks for the memories!

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I can live without drinking Soda. I wish I could convince my husband to stop drinking it.

      Welcome to HubPages.