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Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut

Updated on September 22, 2017
Craan profile image

Sheila is a kids' author who learned heaps as a wellness coordinator. She loves to share healthy tidbits with her readers.

Coconut Cures Real Illnesses

Natural coconut is ultra nourishing. Coconut is touted as the world’s most perfect food! When consumed with meals, it serves to increase the mineral and vitamin content in food making nutrients more absorbent. Coconut deems a miracle food with all its edible parts being capable of curing specific ailments like allergies, infections, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, cardiovascular inflammation and hypertension including cancer.

Coconut can cure concrete illnesses that require antibiotics, immunizations, and chemotherapy treatment not to mention its dynamic quality in cosmetic care of softening hair follicles and averting wrinkles.

More and more people are becoming aware of coconut's medicinal uses and beginning to eat heaps of it. People are experiencing incredible results and substantial improvements to their health from coconut.

Coconut Water Helps to Overcome Dehydration

Coconut water is the clear liquid inside a fresh young coconut containing no fat or protein. It is comprised of potassium, chloride, magnesium, and calcium making it the beverage of choice in replacing lost electrolytes after rigorous exercise or during surgery.

Coconut water is used for hydration and helps to overcome dehydration. It improves sexual vitality and clears bladder infections, including the removal of kidney stones. This happens because it increases urine flow by acting as a diuretic in preventing infections and the buildup of kidney stones. It kills intestinal worms, cures undernourishment and is effective in reducing pressure in the eyes, thereby curing glaucoma.

Coconut Milk Heals the Walls of the Intestines

Coconut milk has a pleasing taste that can be used to replace the use of cow’s milk in cereal, baked goods, and coffee creamers. If you are lactose intolerant, you’ll find coconut milk uncommonly pleasant and easy on your stomach. Coconut milk balances and soothes your intestines, and helps to heal the walls of your small intestines. The nutrients in food become more bioavailable.

Coconut milk is easy to prepare! All you need is to scoop out the flesh of a fresh coconut and insert the cut up pieces in a blender with enough filtered water. Blend it at a high speed and voila. You just simply made fresh, yummy coconut milk!

Personally, I prefer to drink organic coconut milk, because the coconut oil makes me gag.

Boost Your Immune System

Coconut yogurt helps to nourish the 'friendly' bacteria in your gut. It efficiently makes the digestion of your food better.

Extra virgin coconut oil has the appealing aroma of a fresh coconut and is the best tasting type to consume. It is similar to the fat in mother’s milk comprising of medium chain fatty acids. Medium chain fatty acids are well documented and proven to kill diseased cells, including performing as a super antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial agent. It behaves like an antioxidant in helping to destroy free radicals from your body. It will bring your body chemistry into homeostasis by sustaining all bodily functions. It’ll increase your body temperature and speed up your metabolism. This is a super aide to your thyroid gland that regulates all body temperatures. Your thyroid will overreact or underreact to an immune response that is abnormal. Coconut oil will boost your immune system dramatically.

A Coconut Tree
A Coconut Tree | Source

Why Your Health Improves with Coconut?

Your health improves with coconut oil since it's incredibly stable and profoundly resistant to oxidation. Coconut oil is a potent antimicrobial that kills harmful bacteria and intelligently leaves your trusted 'friendly' bacteria intact by powerfully aiding your immune system in warding off infection. It assists your immune system by working more efficiently, thereby strengthening your healthy cells and weakening disease-causing cells including cancer cells. It is becoming more apparent that cancer is caused by viruses. Isn’t it fantastic coconut oil is an antiviral that is readily available in supermarkets?

Coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory that helps to dissolve inflammation in your body caused by infection or injury. It is an outstanding surplus advocate in curing diseases caused by inflammation, like fibromyalgia, inflammatory heart disease, osteoarthritis, and acne.

When you apply coconut oil on your skin, it will eliminate dermatitis further and massage it into your hair as a hair conditioner will cure hair loss and dandruff. With continued use, it will transform your gray hairs back to its natural color.

Use Coconut Milk to Kill Cancer Cells

To get the most benefit from a coconut you need to ingest about 3 ½ tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil every day. You can do this by either eating the oil right off the spoon, cooking with coconut and drinking coconut milk like regular milk. After about two weeks of eating natural coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut water, you’ll see a tremendous increase in your energy level and more suppleness to your skin texture with enhanced digestion. You’ll be protecting yourself from viral and bacterial infections while killing cancer cells.

This is a powerful alternative to the current medical establishments' proposals for curing disease and eradicating bacterial infections with weight loss management. It is easier to prevent disease and cure disease during its early stages with natural superfoods like the many miracle cures of coconut oil.

If may learn more about the miraculous uses of coconut by reading the coconut books written by Dr. Bruce Fife.

© 2010 Sheila Craan


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  • dietcook profile image

    Ruth 14 months ago from St. Paul. MN

    Also, coconut is wonderful for people who have Alezhemer's Disease.

  • Pollyannalana profile image

    Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

    This is great information. I love coconuts and I have coconut oil I never use, now I will find out how to use it! Thank you.


  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 6 years ago from Florida

    Hello Acaetnna, You can camouflage the scent of coconut when you simply add it to your fruit smoothie in the morning. The coconut oil and fruit will give you the extra punch to make it through your day with a high dose of energy.

  • acaetnna profile image

    acaetnna 6 years ago from Guildford

    I know that coconut has many health benefits but I am one of the few people who don't like the smell of it. Any suggestions to overcome this?

  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 6 years ago from Florida

    Thanks for visiting James! You are truly lucky to love coconuts and to be eating it often. Coconuts' health benefits are awesome!

  • James A Watkins profile image

    James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

    I absolutely love coconuts. So now I know how beneficial they are. I'm just lucky I guess. Thank you for this excellent information.

  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 6 years ago from Florida

    I am in driven to getting the word out about the miraculous cures of coconut. To many people are suffering from side effects of medications and getting sick from additives in foods including being poisoned by processed sugar.

  • ghomefitness profile image

    ghomefitness 6 years ago from Chicago,IL

    I will try them, we don't have them regularly at the grocery stores in the Midwest. I do see them every once in a while and next time I will pick a couple up.

  • BkCreative profile image

    BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

    You've covered it all - and so well. And how long have we been steered away from this healthy oil - with misinformation. I'm glad we now have a forum to get the good news out there. Thanks a million. I write about coconut also.

    Rated way up. Yay!

  • Dr Ken Romeo profile image

    Dr Ken Romeo 6 years ago

    I have always been nuts for coconuts!


  • K9keystrokes profile image

    India Arnold 6 years ago from Northern, California

    You had me at the title, very cute. I am simply amazed at the many heath benefits the coconut brings to the table. Wonderful that it can be used in so many vital situations. I appreciate the information you share here, thanks. Quite useful.