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Fusion Culinary

Updated on July 31, 2017

Indonesian Dish Meets Italian Dish, "Pasta Beef Rendang"


A Combine Culinary

Fusion Food is a style of food that is created by two different of cooking or culinary styles. Such as, dishes from Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Japanese, Korea mix or combines with the European style of cooking. The end result is usually very delicious, exquisite and fits to most of our taste and flavor.

  • The world now feels smaller, people are living around in many countries. People recombining and exchanging their traditional food. As a true example, my self, I am no longer living in my native country, Indonesia. I often prepare dishes that are mix of Indonesian and Italian ingredients and way of cooking. Thankfully my family, especially my children always appreciate them and love having them.
  • Just to share with you, my teenage daughter went for a week to Spain for a school trip awhile ago. There, everyday she had only European dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Surprisingly, she said to me how much she was missing my cooking. She said she always eats well at home with all the delicious dish of fusion food, it was really tough for her after 3 days on the school trip and not having them.
  • Here, I just thank to the existence of the both culinary traditions of both countries, Indonesian Culinary and the Italian Culinary.

Fusion Culinary Is An Evolution Of Cooking Method

Fusion Culinary is a new way of cooking, dinning, and eating for us, our precious family and friends.

You may wonder what is actually 'FUSION FOOD? FUSION FOOD is the product of FUSION COOKING or FUSION CULINARY'.

Fusion culinary is the art of mixing ingredients and preparation style from different countries and cultures into a unique dish of flavor. The product or the end result of the fusion culinary called 'FUSION FOOD'.

For the past few years, this style of cooking has been spreading across the globe like a virus. That is because the fusion food is always delicious and highly fits to most of our taste and flavor.

Imagine, what it would be like to take an Asian dish and swap most of the important ingredients with food from Italy?

How about an old-fashioned Italian recipe spiced up with some spices mostly used in an Indonesian or Thai cooking ingredients?

These days, this type of food surprises those who are more strict traditionalists. But for some, it is an explosion of flavor. And they even find that the fusion food has a more delicious flavor that they never experienced before.

Go and take the challenge and try some recipes and invent.

  • Don't question the ingredients.
  • Just give it a great shot of try. Your eating and cooking style might change for the better forever. Be adventurous and try brewing up your own creation.
  • You never know what you might invent. I would always be interested and appreciative to have you share with me your cooking experience and invention on creating fussion food.
  • Let's have fun in making fussion food and please always eat well.

Booms Of The Fusion Food

  • We are living now in an era with the advances in technology like the internet, mobile and the television. We all become very knowledgeable of any kind of information, especially on Food. Whenever I feel like cooking a dish with a recipe of my home country, I am no longer like back then, 18 years ago. I was spending thousands of dollars monthly only to phone call bills to my mother, asking for recipes and asking for instructions on how to make the dish.
    Nowadays, you just go to the internet with a WIFI that is very convenient economically. You are getting all the information instantly. Even with the photos, videos and all the details of descriptions on it.
  • Then of course it is up to me on how I want to be creative in preparing the dish. Do I want to do it the traditional way? Do I want to mix it with the Italian way? or Cooking the dish with both ways the Indonesian and the Italian ways to satisfy the palate of each member of my family. My children they usually would enjoy and appreciate more in having the fusion dish.
  • I believe there are millions of people around the world that in similar situation like me, they are longing in having dishes that originally from their native countries and simply browse using the internet facility for recipes.
    In this way the booms of Fusion Food are naturally increasing, starts from home then to restaurants.
  • Fusion Food became a daily thing that is now available anywhere you live.
  • A Fusion Culinary gives you the freedom to be creative in the kitchen. A new way to enjoy and appreciate food in a special, attractive and in most delicious way.


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