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Recipe For Captain Jack's Non Texas Chili

Updated on May 16, 2008


Texas Chili is usually hot enough to rob one of essential things like being able to breathe, proper digestion, and sleep at night. In a word, it is flaming.

Here is a meal your family will rave over and keep asking for more. If you like your chili with a touch of the wild side, and won't tear up your insides, give the other form a try, or better yet, set aside the milder batch and add the suggested fireworks ingrediants to make your chili really standout. Texan's will scoff at this recipie. Anyone who samples it will praise the cook to the skies.

Get your ingredients within view so that you won't forget something vital. they are:

medium red onion

2 large cans cut tomatoes

ground black pepper, hot sauce, chili powder

2 pounds chopped, grilled, drained, top round.

one pound medium cheddar cheese diced

one bunch cilentro if in season.

2 8oz cans kidney beans (good quality)

12 oz beer or 6 oz glass red or white wine

small can of jelapinos (fresh is fine)

Slice your red onion, then dice and throw into a large sauce pan. Add your tomatoes (fresh are great, if you prefer) Salt is your call. I never use it. Add a dash of pepper, a dash of chili powder, and a dash of hot sauce. Throw in the beef and the beer or wine and the kidney beans. Take about a third of the cheese and throw that in too. Bring the mixture up to just under boiling, while stirring the ingredients together. This is the temperature you will cook the chili at for the next hour or so., or if you want, you can simmer for a couple hours at lower temperature. the wine or beer makes the whole experience more forgiving, the gods are appeased, everyone is happy.

If you want one hot batch and one normal, dice a few of the peppers into the mixture you want to keep for those who want it hot. The longer you cook these peppers, the hotter the mixture will be, but that's the way some of us like it. For those from Pennslylvania, you will enjoy the milder version; and it will remind you of the wonderful soups only grannie could make.

Throw the rest of the cheese on top, and some of the cilentro. Uh..HUH ....

Cole slaw or a spinich salad will compliment the whole thing.

Now, is that sour dough you started last week ready? No? Find the most sour and hardest crust loaves you can find, and no, wonder bread won't work. San Francisco sour dough is the best, but maybe you have a great baker already.

Relax the rules. Let everyone dunk but make sure they come up for air from time to time.


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