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What to Cook for Navratri ?

Updated on April 12, 2016
Goddess Durga
Goddess Durga

Rituals Followed On Navratri

In northern and western India, majority of the Hindus perform full 9 days fasting during the festival of Navratri, also known as ‘Vrat’ or ‘Upavas’ in hindi. According to the Puranas and Hindu texts, most devotees believe in performing ‘Nirjal Vrat’ (Sans Water) which is the hardest form of Vrat (fast) in which a devotee neither intake water nor any kinds of eatables (sans food) for full 9 days. While some devotees who are incapable of performing such fast under such hard rules they just stay on water and fruits and some food which are allowed during navratri fasts.

Fulfilling Recipes For 'Vrat' (Fasting)

This time, we are here with some delicious recipes which you can enjoy even while fasting. You can easily prepare these recipes yourself and indulge in it even while you are observing the Navratri Fast.

A. Main Course Dishes Recipes For Navratri 'Vrat'

B. Snacks Recipes for Navratri 'Vrat'

C. Beverages Recipes for Navratri 'Vrat'

D. Deserts Recipes for Navratri 'Vrat'

A. Main Course Dishes Recipes For Navratri 'Vrat' (Fasting)

  1. Sabudana Khichdi
  2. Motia pulao
  3. Chironji Ki Dal
  4. Kuttu ka dosa
  5. Aloo ki kadhi
  6. Singhare ki puri recipe
  7. Kaddu ki khatti meethi sabzi

Main Course Recipes
Main Course Recipes

1. Sabudana Khichdi :

One of the very famous and and light dish with the main ingredients being sabudana, peanuts and mild spices.

2. Motia pulao :

Also known as Samai rice with pearl shaped balls, it's a must try recipe during any of your festival's vrat (fasting).

3. Chironji Ki Dal :

This dal is prepared in a different way than any other usual dal we prepare nomally at home, especially for vrat. As the name says 'chironji' being its main ingredient.

4. Kuttu ka Dosa :

This Navratri, try out Kuttu ka Dosa, rather than usual Kuttu ki Puri or Paratha. This dish is prepared from Kuttu ka Atta (Buckwheat Flour) with a potato filling.

5. Vrat ki Kadhi :

You must try this tasty Gujarati Kadhi Recipes with soothing flavors prepared using yogurt.

6. Singhare ki Puri Recipe :

A very famous Vrat (Fasting) Recipe which is prepared in most of the houses, made with water, chestnut flour and boiled mashed potato this Poori is gluten free.

7. Kaddu ki Khatti Meethi Sabzi:

This veggie is prepared with Pumpkin and it is one of the easiest recipe to try out. It is a perfect combination of sweet and tangy flavors, you can accompany this veggie with kuttu ki puri o paratha during your vrat(fasting).

Snacks Recipes

Fruit Platter
Fruit Platter

B. Snacks Recipes for Navratri 'Vrat' (Fasting)

  1. Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa

  2. Vratwale Chawal Ka Dhokla

  3. Banana chips

  4. Sabudana Pakoda Recipe

  5. Custard Fruit Salad

1. Singhare ke Atte ka Pakoda :

Enjoy your fasting with pakoda accompanied by a cup of tea. This snack is made with ingredients like water chestnut flour, sendha namak and a filling of spiced chironji.

2. Vratwale Chawal Ka Dhokla :

Its just different from the pakodas we normally have at our home. This steamed Dhoklas are very delicious which is made with Vrat wale chawal.

3. Banana Chips :

Here is another snack that is made using raw bananas. These are made by deep frying in the oil along with few spices that are sprinkled on top of the chips.

4. Sabudana Pakoda Recipe :

One of the very famous recipes prepared during fasting are these deep fried fritters made from tapioca pearls, crushed peanuts and fasting flour and yogurt.

5. Custard Fruit Salad

Beverage Recipes


C. Beverages Recipes for Navratri 'Vrat' (Fasting)

  1. Banana Smoothie With Icecream

  2. Cantaloupe Juice recipe

  3. Aloo (Potato) Sagar

  4. Khajoor Shake

  5. Strawberry Smoothie

1. Banana Smoothie With Icecream

2. Cantaloupe Juice recipe

3. Aloo (Potato) Sagar

4. Khajoor Shake

5. Strawberry Smoothie

Deserts Recipes


D. Deserts Recipes for Navratri 'Vrat' (Fasting)

  1. Low fat makhana ki kheer

  2. Sheera Recipe

  3. Sooji ka Halwa

  4. Sabudana Kheer Recipe

  5. Coconut and milk fudge balls

  6. Lauki ki Barfi

1. Makhane Ki Kheer

2. Sheera

3. Sooji Halwa

4. Sabudana Kheer Recipe

5. Coconut & Milk Fudge Balls

6. Lauki ki Barfi

For how many days do you fast on Navratri?

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