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Bear N Mom Recipes - Canning Zucchini

Updated on February 13, 2015
Zuchini in Mason Jars
Zuchini in Mason Jars
Preparing Zuchini
Preparing Zuchini
Sticks of Zuchini
Sticks of Zuchini

Pete's Garden Methods

Canning zuchini is something that is new to me. My neighbor mentioned that she had put up zuchini for this winter and I jumped on it.

My neighbor slices her zuchini into slices and adds chopped onions which is very similar to the cucumber salad recipe. I experimented and you can chop the zuchini rather than slice and you really don't need to use the chopped onions unless you care to do that.

Steps for Canning

To put the zuchini up for winter in any of the above forms you must first boil water and a few tablespoons of vinegar.

Prepare your zuchini into sticks as shown.

Put the prepared zuchini into your jars with onions if desired.

Pour the boiled water into each jar and let stand to cool.

All of the zuchini must be covered with water. If not, add enough to cover zuchini.

Be sure to fill the water to the top of the jar and then cap your jars for storage.

Proper Food Handling and Sterilization

I would follow all of the safe food storage tips as not doing so can result in botulism.

Be sure the food is prepare properly and that the jars are sterilized before filling them with the sticks.

Cross contamination can occur when you use the same cutting utensils without first properly cleansing them for the next use. A tip I learned in food handling class was to have multiple cutting boards and knives for multiple steps in each recipe..


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