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Bear N Mom Review - Dining Out in Pittsburgh - Verona Village Inn

Updated on May 6, 2012

I recently had an occasion to visit the Verona Village Inn located approximately 10 miles north of the city along the Allegheny River in Verona.

This restaurant is obscure in it's location and if you aren't looking for it specifically you might miss it. That would be a shame because I have not found anything I didn't like at this family run restaurant.

The owners of the Inn have traveled to Italy to learn the secrets behind the recipes they make. They originally bought an existing pizza parlor and have expanded over the years to include fine old Italian recipes. All I can say is Bella, Bella.

I chose to dine at the Verona Village Inn for lunch and they are only open from 11:30 in the morning through the dinner hour. I was first to arrive at the restaurant and was seated at a small table for one. The decor of the restaurant is old world with wooden booths and small tables for smaller parties. The entrance walls are lined with stories of the owner's travels and reviews that have been published about the restaurant.

You get a choice of salad or soup with your meal and I foolishly chose salad. I took home a bowl of their Wedding Soup and I was so glad I hadn't spoiled my dining experience by choosing this soup to start my meal. The soup was so wonderful and had I eaten soup with the bread served I would not have had room to enjoy my main course.

For my main course I chose their Chicken Marsala. I have eaten chicken marsala many times in various other restaurants where it was prepared by gourmet chefs. Verona Village Inn has the best Marsala Sauce that I have ever eaten. In fact, I had to go back a second time to try this dish to make sure it wasn't a one time perfection of this recipe. It was not. The Marsala Sauce is out of this world and to die for.

On my second trip to the Inn I took my food home as a to go order. I again got the Wedding Soup, Chicken Marsala with Broccoli. While I was waiting for my order I read the reviews on the walls that have been done by the Tribune Review and other noted newspapers. I also read the account of their travels in Italy learning the techniques behind their recipes.

How do I rate this restaurant. It's one of the best Italian restaurants in which I have had the pleasure to dine. If you like Olive Garden you are sure to love this restaurant. You wont be disappointed. Tip of the Day: make reservations because they fill up fast.


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